Bank Robbery the Easy Way

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    Im not sure who is the Dumb @$$ here...the robber or the teller....course he did get away with it...

    Bank Robbery the Easy Way

    M E S A, Ariz. — For bank robbers in a hurry, try the drive-through teller window.

    That's what a robber did at the Wells Fargo bank in Mesa on Oct. 4, escaping with an undisclosed amount of cash.

    The man pulled up to the teller window and put a note in the vacuum-tube system.

    "The male subject sent a demand in to the teller; she received it and complied," said Mesa Police Detective Tim Gaffney.

    After receiving the cash through the vacuum tube, the robber sped off in a red and white sport utility vehicle.

    The teller complied despite being protected behind bulletproof glass. She didn't see a weapon or catch sight of the suspect's face, or even the specific make and model of his car.

    "Her view was obstructed so she didn't see the vehicle," said Gaffney.
  2. Cool. A bank that gives money away for the asking.

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    Sounds far-fetched. I may be overly skeptical, but it sounds like an inside job to me. The driver of the car was probably a friend.
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    Hmmmmmm I think I would have some serious questions for Ms. Bank Teller.
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    What about the security camera?
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    if i was to go into a bank and ask the teller to empty the money into the bag. but never mention that this is a bank robbery and i don't show a weapon . is it considered a bank robbery if she puts the money in a bag for me and i leave.

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    Talk about DUH!!! :hmmm: