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Los Angeles, California, almost banned murder. Almost.

It turns out the City Council realized that a symbolic 40-hour ban on homicides might just be the dumbest thing anyone's ever tried to do to fight crime, because murder is already illegal. But that didn't stop activist Earl Ofari Hutchinson from urging the council to take the "bold step."

You know what would be a really bold step? The City Council banning plea bargains for 40 hours. That's right: eight hours a day for five days banning the practice of plea bargains for violent criminals. Rapists and robbers get sentenced to the full amount of time for their crimes, rather than simply walking away after a short stint behind bars. Career criminals actually get the time coming to them under the state's "Three Strikes" law, rather than having their violent felonies pleaded away. Now that's a bold statement. Too bad the City Council would never consider it.

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