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    a friend of mine gave me half a box of rem 130 gr core locks. (270) i sent them down range yesterday firing 100 yd at a dirt mound. i decided to dig the led out and check the expansion and weight retention . expiation was good but weight was poor with a average of 54.75. high of 59.5 low of .50

    i went ahead and sent 4 140 Barnes triple shock i had loaded up for hunting down range for comparison. expansion was less but had full weight retention on 3 rds and 130 gr on the forth rd
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  2. I use Barnes Expander bullets in my muzzleloader. I shot them into milk jugs filled with water and the expansion was awesome, as was weight retention. The bullet looks just like in Barnes pictures.

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    What were you recovering them from? If you just dug them out of a berm, I would think it would differ from going through something like ballistics gel...(Or bad guys, for that matter)
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    Barnes makes a great bullet.
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    i agree but i don't have any bad guys or ballistic jell to shoot at :tounge-in-cheek:

    what the deal is my grandson was asking about different bullet's fmj hp bt and was going to pull a few out to show him what each one does when it hits something thought i show ya ll what i found

    i added nosler petitions and nosler ballistic tips to the test ballistic tips preformed similar to the core locks they averaged 60.6 weight retention the petitions held up better holding 92.6
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    Wet phone book?
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    I use wet phone books to test bullets. It works pretty well and is pretty cheap to do. Just have to make sure they are thoroughly saturated or they can wreak havoc on the bullets.
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    Dirt will not show you how a bullet will expand on an animal.
  9. nosler partitons. :)
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    true bullet test

    if you want to see what a bullet will do on flesh then test it on flesh. got get yourself a side of bad meat from a meat market or go get a feral hog and shoot at that. dirt and wet phone books won't tell you what a bullet will do on a deer. if anything load a few different rounds and hunt with them and then you will know what they do and how they do on what you hunt and then you know what not to load the next hunt.
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    I just bet you can get a side of bad meat.Thats what they make that $.98 hamburger from.I've been using wet paper for years,often with bone or wood inserted in or in front of it and came out pretty good.Quite similar to what actually happened in flesh when I used the same type bullets hunting game.Now you tell me it won't work and I wasted all of that time and effort.That is a real letdown.(can't promise to quit tho) ,,,sam.
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    well i know what these bullets do in game. Barnes is a excellent bullet on deer i just wanted to show a new shooter how different bullets react and thought i would share my results with ya ll i defiantly going to try the phone book

    sorry Wisconsin Hunter i really not as dumb as i spell :)