Barr: A COVID-19 lockdown would be ‘greatest intrusion on civil liberties’ since slavery

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    Like sheep being led to slaughter.

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  2. I watched a video of a local right wing commentator quoting a govt health official who had stood down so he could speak unabashed.
    They both went on about the figures that say it's not a pandemic and all that. I'm not arguing that.

    What I can not figure is why the govt would want to, in my country at least: shut down all infrastructure. Close all the borders... Now look, in my state up north we have the great barrier reef, Google it, it's breathtaking. Here we have cattle, quarries and tourism. Tourism is MAHOOSIVE. We have effectively shut that down. We have for the past few months paid anyone on unemployment a working persons wage.

    I just can not see, I admit I am completely un-educated, where the benefit to the govt is for doing this. Is there there something I'm missing?

    How is creating a debt that my grand children's children are going to be paying setting working out to be great for someone now?

    I'm honestly asking here.
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    Nothing you're missing.

    "locked down" nations (or states) haven't fared any better than those left wide open. There was initial a bunch of BS with 'flattening curves,' etc -- ostensibly to prevent overwhelming medical facilities with potential casualties--that never materialized and in retrospect was BS. In fact, there's belief (no objectivity or consensus due to the widespread political climate and plethora of misinformation) that lockdowns inhibit the natural mutation and development of natural immunities to this actually making things worse (Sweden is the standard wide-open model).

    Most free state governors are realizing the shutdowns were a mistake and the highest casualty rates in the US were in the more draconian (democrat controlled) shut down/locked down states. FL is developing coherency in the 'lockdown' aspect and in which numbers actually count (those hospitalized with actual life-threatening symptoms).

    There IS some indication border closings might help to prevent a huge influx of infected people.

    During the wu-flu scamdemic, there's been a complete ignoring (potentially willfully) of the horrible opportunity costs to lockdowns. It's kind of an ideal situation for a tin-foil hat guy; you have a bad flu (which is benign to most but deadly towards certain segments of the population) which is 'marketed' (through information propaganda) as this really bad virus (overstating the true threat) scaring the hell out of everyone. Numbers of casualties actually caused by the virus are overstated. So people use it to push their agenda and grab a piece of the pie (nationalizing huge segments of the economy, effectively 'socializing' the country, increasing government control over everything, shaping the political climate, favoring delivery services like Amazon over brick and mortar and routing small businesses by closing them, masking people to dehumanize them and make them afraid to touch and do all that makes us human beings, generally pizzing them off so the place becomes a tinder box to push revolution and police state, trying to change an election by using it as an issue and pushing for mail in voting which can be filled with fraud and change who got elected president, etc.).

    And then 'magically' coming up with a vaccine that returns everything to normal (AFTER the political agendas have been pushed).

    So it's more social conditioning and political agenda than anything else--using a bad flu to push a wish list of state controls.
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    K75RT: Sir; several of us have proposed the slavery Argument


    Barr reportedly made the remarks during a speech at Hillsdale College in celebration of Constitution Day in response to a question about the “constitutional hurdles” of banning church gatherings during the pandemic.

    “You know, putting a national lockdown, stay at home orders, is like house arrest. Other than slavery, which was a different kind of restraint, this is the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history,” Barr said.

    As health experts have championed the measures to prevent the spread of the deadly virus, Barr, a staunch defender of President Trump, has slammed stay-at-home orders as “draconian
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    I understand it does not make sense to you, in Australia, because of the way your government is.

    TXplt pretty well laid out the way it happened.

    The WHY "any gubmint would do it" is very simple in OUR case, this year. The Deep State (the anti-American minions that control our gubmint) is doing EVERYTHING in their power to REMOVE Trump and DESTROY America, because America, and it's hundred million gun owners, is the LAST wall standing between any form of Freedom on this planet, and total world domination by the "ruling oligarchy."
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    It's keeping them alive.

    You have no civil liberties in a shroud...
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  8. Agenda 21
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  9. It really has not changed the way I live. I have never and probably will never travel abroad. I work at a soil yard, the rich folks can't go to Bali or where ever so they're doing up their gardens, business has boomed.

    Gas is really cheap.

    You can't buy a " project " car or bike for love nor money!

    I don't know anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone who's had this virus.

    I still don't understand why it would be purposely invoked. The state basically has control of my life, I have a mortgage, the police here target folks with jobs with their law enforcement, chasing real criminals is a dead handed argument, it only costs the state money.

    We're about to have some elections, if you're in charge of a state and have basically acted like an arse are you going to get re-elected?

    I don't think so, Tim. Especially when you've disallowed someone from a state were there are NO active cases of the virus to come to your state for their father's funeral yet Tom Hanks can fly in for a movie.
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