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Barrel Alternatives?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by FALPhil, Apr 13, 2002.

  1. Got a Turk for $39 locally, and this thing is in excellent shape. However, I have no use for 8mm Mauser as a cartridge. I'm getting ready to turn down the flange on the forward end of the receiver and rebarrel it to a cartridge more suitable for a 118 lb. young lady. I was thinking 7mm-08. However, I cannot find a barrel with small ring threads in this cartridge. Am I going to have to make my own from a blank?
  2. Tim W

    Tim W G&G Newbie

    Small ring barrels...


    There are a few different barrels out there for a small ring,a couple in calibers for your lady. I just completed one in 257 roberts. So far I have found 7MM,257,308,6.5x55 and 7.62x39. For an economic barrel try JLD. they have new Argentine small rings for $60 in 308 and 7.62x39. They are 21 1/2 " My friend bought one and they look pretty decent(clean bore and nice finish on the OD.)I bought an A&B thru Midway for mine but the next one will be an Argentine.

    Just my 02¢
    Good luck,
    Tim W :cool:

  3. Hey, thanks, Tim. Is that JLD Enterprises? Do they have a website?
  4. WyrTwister

    WyrTwister G&G Newbie

    Is your 8mm barrel ok ? If so , what are you going to do with it ?

    God Bless
  5. Tim W

    Tim W G&G Newbie


    Here you go Phil.........
    Look under accesories.

    I used one of their Port. hinged floorplates on my 257. Works great.:)

  6. Thanks, Tim.

    Wyr, I will probably sell all the take-off parts as a lot to recoup some of my $39 +tax. ;) I'll post on this board when I am ready. BTW, when I got all the gunk off this rifle, it was the nicest M98 I have ever bought. This thing must have been a parade rifle or something. There is almost no slop in the fit and the bore is cherry. But man, that cosmoline is pretty persistent stuff.
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  7. WyrTwister

    WyrTwister G&G Newbie

    If the bore and headspace is that good , is it a 1950's rifle ?

    God bless
  8. The receiver is dated 1944 (K.Kale). I don't know that the receiver date has anything to do with the barrel age. The serial on the barrel is 191xxx.
  9. WyrTwister

    WyrTwister G&G Newbie

    Have heard the Turks did somrthing different on the 1950's guns , that makes the earlier rifles better / perferable for rebarreling .

    Since you are going to rebarrel it anyway , I'll trade with you , a Turk that needs rebarreling , any way .

    God Bless