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    Ok got fed up with this frosted barrel on the $27 mosin so I went nuts. I first used carb cleaner then hosed the heck out of the barrel. I ued Naval Jelly and let it soak for 1 hour Housed it out then Liquid Wrench and a Stainless Steal brush followed by a drill powered nylon brush on a cleaning rod then hosed it out with water. Repeated this 2x. Then cleaned with hopps. The results are mixed. Blueing is gone...not a big deal...barrel is greatly inproved but the groves still have that pitted/frosted look....I guess I whas hopeing for a pristeen barrel.....dream on right. Over all Im happy with the inprovements...course proof is in the shooting if it actualy helped.:target:
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    Just shoot some FMJ at the range, and after regular cleaning, swab the bore with some Dexron II/Dexron III, then let sit overnight.

    Clean out the Dexron the next day with carb cleaner, then clean and oil as usual. This should get more of the rusties out.

    I ran out of Dexron II, so I mixed a solution of 60% GI LSA oil with 40% Hoppe's #9, shaking the mixture well before using.

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    You could also coat some bullets with 600-grit lapping compound. You can pick up the compound at any auto parts store. That's worked for me on some very nasty-looking bores, and it really works.
    If you would like to know the procedure, it's as follows;

    Take 2 pieces of 2x4's, about 8" long, and lay one on a table top or counter.
    Take some lapping compound and spread it on the top of the 2x4 on the table/counter top.
    Lay the bullet on the wood, making sure only the projectile is making contact with the lapping compound.
    Take the second 2x4, and "roll" the bullet back and forth on the other 2x4. It's like rubbing two sticks together. This makes sure the bullet gets a good coating of the compound.
    When the bullet has a good coating on it, you just simply load and shoot. It may take as little a 3 times, but I have had to do it 6 times on a really bad bore. It cleans out the rust, and "polishes" the lands and grooves, making for a really good-looking bore. Accuracy is improved, too.
    The process takes about 1 minute to do, and it works. HTH

    BTW, it works on either cast or jacketed bullets.
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    Hopeing to go to the range this weekend....will give the lappeing and dextron a try... There has to be a solution to this and once found us mosin nagant owners will find nevana. :)

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    I have heard of using Brasso - my friend swears by it. I have used CLR ot the works-Calcium Lime rust to remove surface rust from the inside of a reciever. should work for a bbl.
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    I decided that this 91/30 and my turkish mauser barrels are both exalant gunnie pigs for almost anything. Both were neglected over their intire life time..not cleaned until I got them corrosive ammo ect and both under $40 rifles so not like Im gona play with a Weatherby. The goal for me is to figure out what works or does not. There are a lot of Mosins and the like out there for a low ball price because of the neglected barrels...If something works then they become even better deals. Plan is to soak the Turk in Break Fluid..per someother post...and use the drill, rod , bronze brush cobo on it for a week..if it works good if not then plan B. Ill shoot the Mosin with the lapping compound this Gods willing...and go from there. Ayn thoughts concepts or theorys you may have please post...Ill try the ones out I can...Thanks All.
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    good luck doglips,just be careful w/brake fluid-it can be pretty evil as evidenced by some of the screwdrivers in my toolbox,have a couple of snap-on and matco screwdrivers w/handles "melted" by brake fluid.will also remove paint,swell rubber,etc,etc.