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    I shoot almost all reloads in several calibers. I like lead bullets cuz they're cheap. But I get excessive leading int he barrels and it's difficult to remove. I'm always trying this or that product to cure this problem. Does somebody have a remedy? There has to be some combination of chemistry and elbow grease that will keep my barrels shiny.
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    Well, I've heard that it's an old wives tale. But I always shoot a mag of FMJ after shooting lead all day and what is left is easily removed via a 'bore snake'. The bore snake is an excellent device for cleaning/removing lead buil-up. That is really all you need unless you're shooting so much that the lead builds up too much to chamber another round. Good Shooting! Eric

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    several of the people here praise Magnus bullets among others that give good performance without leading excessively. They are a tad more expensive than usual but still less expensive than jacketed by far.

    Look at yiur velocities, dropping down may reduce some of the leading.

    Look at your lube, make sure your bullets have lube in them, sounds silly, but I seen a run of a lot that had none, remember they are made by humans. You can also add some of your own lube to make things better. Lee makes a substance called LIQUID ALOX I use it and have had good results as have others here. It is a bit messy, only drawback.

    there are some good lead/fowling removal products on the market. Outer's Foul Out. Electronically breaks the bond. Look at your cleaning technique, can you plug the barrel and let a solvent soak. Early on when I started shooting I would rush this process, sometimes the chemicals need time to do the job. there are also these brass screen patch jobs out there that help get the lead out, haven't used 'em but I have heard nothing nagative either. the only thing Iv'e heard people warn to stay clear of are SST "Tornado" brushes. I guess they could be a bit hard on the gun due to being SST construction.
    hope this helps.
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    I am one of the one's who use Magnus bullets. My latest load has been a 300grn bullet over a max load Win 296 44 mag. I shoot it out of a Ruger 44 mag levergun no lead in the barrel no gas checks no fillers . I recovered some of the bullets they had full contact with the rifling and no gas cutting. This has been my hottest and fastest load with lead bullets. It's out of a rifle that's also my first. I'm glad to say it doesn't show any signs of the bullet failing.
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    Are you casting your own bullets or buying them. Leading can be caused by many things. If your casting your own I wonder if you are using too soft of an alloy?
    I shoot cast almost exclusivly and never have a problem with leading.
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    Add some antimony. Linotype metal is a good source if you can find some.


    I use a cleaner made by outters that is a elctro/chemical cleaner. You plug your barrel, fill it with fluid and install a rod in the barrel and plug the thing in. It pretty much cleans all the lead out. There is a seperate chemical for cleaning out copper also.
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    I cast all my bullets with wheelweight metal and just enough tin for good fillout.

    I shoot 300# of cast pistol bullets in velocities up to 1252 fps (CZ 52) and as long as I keep my velocities below 1000 fps I have NO leading. The CZ 52 at 1252 fps doesnt lead either, but it's the only cast bullet load I have that exceeds 1000 fps.

    Rifle cast bullet loads are 7.62 x 39 in SKS, AK, and CZ 24 all with sometimes about 5% SB added with the tin to harden them (from magnum shot added to alloy) and again keeping rifle velocities below 2200 fps has failed to produce any leading since 1996

    Next to bullet FIT, I feel velocity and bullet hardness are the major factors I've addressed in this issue. Lube is home made.

    I don't STRIVE for a HARD bullet.

    I know many shooting same rifle calibers have no leading with WWM alone-no added Sb
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    try lee alox, I use it on the lead I buy and the stuff that Dad molds, and I dont have any probs. you can also try hornady gas checks.