Barroom blunder

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  1. It was getting late at the bar.., and one of the drunks fell off his stool....a fellow helps him back on to his seat......, a little while later it happens again..., The fellow asks the bar keep if he knows the guy, and where he might live, so that he can make sure he gets home safe. The bartender tells him.
    So the fellow helps him up...,but he falls again. The fellow picks him up again, and they head out.
    On the way to the car the guy falls three more times. He finds the address the bartender gave him, and helps the man out. He falls out of the car....., and falls twice more on the way to the door.
    The well-doer rings the bell and a woman answers. He say's " ma'am is this your husband"???
    She replies " YES, BUT WHERE'S HIS WHEELCHAIR"???????
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    i LIKE that one!!!!!

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    Poor guy....Good one!!!!
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    It's the visual:) :09::09:
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    LOL. hope they find his wheelchair.