Battle of the Buldge

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    mouser868: Sir; folks don't know the horror in war
    "Nuts" became the battle cry :)

    In Malmedy, Belgium, a troop of American soldiers surrendered to the advancing Nazi army. They expected to become prisoners of war - but the men would never see the inside of a cage. SS troops stripped them of their weapons, marched them out into a field, and gunned them down, unarmed and defenseless.

    In Stavelot, they massacred civilians. Nazis dragged twenty-three Belgian civilians out of their hiding place, lined them up against the wall, and shot them dead. The people there had just been liberated and thought they were finally safe. Instead, their city was demolished, and women and children alike were dragged out of their homes and killed.

    The Nazis soon reached Bastogne, which would become the last bastion of the American army in Belgium. Their chances seemed grim. The city was completely surrounded; they couldn't get supplies. Food was running scarce, and the people were growing hungry.
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