Battle over Philadelphia-only gun laws heads to court

Discussion in 'Firearm Related News' started by GGReporter, May 19, 2008.

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    The battle over Philadelphia's gun laws is going to court. Attorneys for the National Rifle Administration will ask a judge on Monday to overturn the gun control laws that City Council passed April 10 and Mayor Michael Nutter quickly signed into law.

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    Thanks, G. G. Reporter.

    I thought this had already happened ? PA has preemption, so should be a no-brainer. IMHO, just like their Mayor and GOV.

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    Last I heard, the COmmonwealth of Pennsylvania had a law on the books that specifically states cities and towns can't pass more restrictive gun laws than what the state has on the books. That's the preemption Txplt talks about. Those laws are illegal on their face. I hope the judge makes the mayor and his fellow-travelers pay court costs for wasting her time and also orders the bailiff to give them each a good swift kick in the *** for general stupidity. Even if the aptly-named Mayor Nutter didn't know about the preemption law, Philadelphia's solicitor-general or whatever they call the clown who is the lawyer for the city damned well does and should have put a stop to this happy horse-manure "law" before it ever came up for debate!
  4. Well it happened in "Chocolate City" in 2005 and now it's happened in "Bleeding Kansas" this year, dispite laws aganist it happening that were passed in the wake of the Nagan "strong arm policy" against law abiding citizens in his "Chocolate City" who owned firearms.
    An overlooked fact is that what happened in New Orleans in 2005 also happened in a parish (county) on the north shore of Lake Pontchtrain in the same time period. There was very little news coverage on that parish's disreguard for U.S. citizen's rights there.
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