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BattleRifle's AR-15 concepts

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The lowest is the one I'm actually building, with all the parts either bought or ordered. Pre-A1 slick sided upper with free float CAR handguard and chrome lined barrel. Everything else standard A2 on an Eagle Arms lower.

A step above it is what I wished I could have made if all the parts were available, a two tone version with stainless barrel and lower receiver, 18" barrel with mid length free float handguard, and an ACE tubular buttstock.

Third from the bottom is an attempt at a mil spec pattern synthetic version using a Cavalry Arms MkII lower and a lightweight barrel on a Vulcan A3 non-FA upper. Heinous crimes of manufacturing by Vulcan would hopefully be avoided by buying only a stripped upper from them and doing the rest myself.

Fourth up is a Model1 stainless Bull Barrel kit on a regular lower and with a RRA rail that mounts to the Picatinny rail atop the receiver and on the gas block, providing a consistent lineup between the front and rear site as well as a rail for all the accessories you can dream of.

Fifth from the bottom is a Model1 24" pre ban A2 kit with bayonet lugs removed and muzzle extension permanently attached, built on a DPMS stainless lower. Such a lower would be necessary as an attachment point to handle the recoil of the underbarrel shotgun, a Maverick with as many shots as can fit under an 18" barrel. This is a civilain legal version of that law enforcement uses as a short barreled shotgun.

The top two are bull barreled two toned versions built on SOCOM Mfg Diamond series lower receivers in natural color, with silver colored DPMS low pro slick sided uppers and Predator series handguards as offered on Fulton Armory rifles. The DPMS low pro upper is a hair taller than an A3, so the sites would either have to be adjusted beyond their normal expectations or a detachable front site shimmed up from the block beneath it.
The top one has a 24" bull barrel, a detachable RRA combined rear site and rail in lieu of a carry handle, a PSG-1 style target grip, and a long hooked buttstock.
The second from the top has a 18" bull barrel, a mid-length handguard, an A3 carry handle, a Vltor (or whatever it's called) buttstock, and a SAMCO grip.

So are there any you guys particularly like or can at least stand the thought of them ever existing?
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I won't complain about post-peeing outside of one's area of preference, but does anyone have anything meaningful to say about this?
But the stainless receiver and flush barrel I haven't seen before. They are a response to limitations of existing versions.
Went there, thanks for the link. They look pretty interesting.

I particularly like this one:
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