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Discussion in 'SKS' started by BattleRifleG3, Oct 22, 2002.

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    I'm sure by now everyone's used to my radical engineering ambitions.

    My latest is this:
    We all know that with a detachable mag, you can have only one out of 5 restricted features, which rules out folding stocks.

    Many of us also know that the law is even tighter on imported rifles, but that if you bring the imported parts down to 10, it's treated like a US made rifle.

    Does anyone else see the loophole for a very awesome little carbine here?

    With a US made stock set, US made FIXED magazine, and US made gas piston from Tapco, an SKS could be free of both bans, meaning hello folding stock, flash hider, and bayonet lug.

    Am I missing something here? I don't think I am. I could envision this setup for a compact carbine to carry in the woods. Maybe even that freak 9x39mm conversion I was thinking about long ago. The barrel could be shortened to 16" and a red dot site installed for use at night.
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    I was thinking about something similar to this, but never got around to asking. I have a Chinese SKS that I have been thinking about upgrading. I was thinking about adding a folding stock, flash hider, and maybe a scope/bi-pod. I wasn't sure if the folding stock would be legal or not, and if the (evil) pistol grip would affect anything. Then I have been thinking about flash hiders. I have seen "double muzzle brakes" in Cheaper Than Dirt". It looks like muzzle brake, and a "bird cage" flash hider in one. Or just get a regular flash hider. Do bayonets fit over anything like a flash hider? I have already brought up bayonets in a previous post.

    So, to make my SKS have a folding stock, flash hider, and bayonet, I would just have to replace 3 things(stock, piston, & mag)?? How do those "aftermarket" magazines feed. I have heard they aren't the best... I wouldn't care if the mag wasn't 30 rnds.

    Since you brought it up, how could you(or your gunsmith) shorten the barrel? Wouldn't that mess with the iron sights, or how the bayonet lines up??

    Thanks in advance BattleRifle, you are alway on top of the legal/not legal questions...:)

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    how about a bullpup conversion??? whats the legality crap on that???:eek: :assult:
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    Any such conversions, including bullpup conversions, can only be done with a gun that counts as US made, having 10 or less imported parts from a list.
    Those parts are, for the ten gazzilionth time:

    1. Receivers
    2. Barrels
    3. Trunions
    4. Gas pistons
    5. Bolt
    6. Bolt carrier
    7. Barrel attachment
    8. Barrel extensions
    9. Trigger
    10. Hammer
    11. Trigger guard
    12. Sear
    13. Disconnector
    14. Operating Rod
    15. Buttstock
    16. Pistol Grip
    17. Handguard
    18. Mag body
    19. Mag follower
    20. Mag floorplate

    SKS doesn't require a barrel attachment or extension, there go 2. If you want a suppressor or brake, use a US made one. Use a US made mag and there go three. Use a US stock set and there go 3 more. The SKS does not have a trunion, there goes 1, and you can buy US made pistons from Tapco.

    So you're free of the silly import ban. Now you only have to worry about the '94 crime bill, which only takes effect if you use a detachable magazine. So if you use a US made FIXED magazine, you're free from everything but the NFA and whatever gay state law you have.

    Concerning shortening the barrel, yes it would interfere with the front site, which was why I suggested a red-dot scope. The Norinco Paratroopers had both the site moved back and the gas tube and piston shortened. If I were to use one of them (which I have in the AK mag model), I would probably replace the op-rod instead of the main piston. Where do they make them? Me, that's where. No I haven't made them, but as soon as I get my inherited antiquated tooling up and running, I just may. It's the simplest thing I've ever seen.

    Oh, and that list of parts? Print it and hang it on your wall. That way you'll remember too and can take your turn writing it out.
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    Oh, by the way, I haven't done any of this. I plan to write ATF before attempting one bit of it. I'm trying to start a campus organization for that very purpose, discussion and inquiry. Also shows that it's intelligent people wanting real information, not Billy Bob wondering if he should hide his new toy while not technologically adept enough to know that ATF is tracking his number for purposes of future persecution.
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    Hey thanks for the info...But, have I brought this up before that you seem a little annoyed (with the parts list??)? I don't remember it if I did-sorry. If your not, all is well then. Well, I did print that list of parts out...Thanks again for the info. Good luck with your idea if you ever run with it.
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    I'm not annoyed, sorry if I came accross that way. Just that I have listed it out several times as it is often important to what I have to say. When someone first listed it for me, I printed it and filed it. The first couple times I copied it, but now I know them by memory. That and the assault weapon ban. I think it would be cool to have a reference library on the forum where people could just read the laws, but then of course you'd have all the complications of having a legal forum that the admins thought about and decided not to do.

    Maybe as an explanation of how I came accross, I posted at 12:38am. My dramatic inclinations and attempts at humor can get kind of twisted, as several of my friends have observed recently. They say I must always get to bed by midnight or I get very strange. Hey, I'm a college guy.

    What I basically meant is it would be nice if we could all take turns explaining these laws when people ask. Someone had to explain each of them to me. Let's keep the knowledge flowing.
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    Hey, no harm done. Just making sure I wasn't making enemies. Does anyone have any links to sites that show the bans in "black and white"? Or a link where you could ask the ATF(or other agencies that would care) about questions you have about what you can and can't do to you guns? That would be really helpful.

    On a quick side note, sometimes I would like to explain the laws, but I do not feel that I know them well enough. I wouldn't want to mislead someone, or make someone else explain what I messed up. I know the basics of them, but not 100%. The more I am in here, the more I learn though.

    I am mad at you for one thing though, BattleRifle. You put ideas like your "dream SKS" in my head, and they stay there. I think the gun you described would be a perfect coyote gun for me.....Time to spend some of that hard earned cash again (once it checks out all legal).
  9. BattleRifleG3

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    I plan to make official inquiries to the BATF as spokesman for an intellectual organization that's in the forming. Once that's done, I plan to publish. There will be the answers. I plan to ask every single thing I can think of, even the things I know the answers to, so that it's in their own words and no one can say I'm full of it.
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    G3,keep up the good work for the cause! I certainly hope you get some good answers for us,and I for one appreciate your efforts!
    :nod: :nod: :nod: