Bayonet a fashon statement?

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    The bayonet has such a negative stigma about it because it harkens us all back to the day's not so long ago that we used spears to settle our disputes, we believe we are more civilized today with our 13 round pistol mag's.
    During the middle ages it was the height of fashon to wear a belt knife
    or dagger, today you would be viewd with scorn & fear.
    I think the German's summed it up best by leaving them off there final weapon designs, in all the collected data of battle field injuries the percentage of bayonet fatalitys was pretty low with the exception of Korea were the Chinese learned they wanted bayonets on there weapons.
    For the most part Bayonets are now a collector's item like old barbwire or horse shoes & hood ordimants I think it best to leave politic's out of it.
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