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  1. what is the standard length of the norinco blade bayonet, and can it be swapped with a yugo bayo? reason i ask is i found a chinese bayo that seems to be a little short...
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  3. i have a stock for each type, just the blade bayo seems a lot shorter than the cut out for it, the spike bayo fits the spike bayo cut out fine. i dont know if the blade i have is for a paratrooper or not.
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    Do you have the complete bayonet?
  5. yes i to, down to the mounting screw
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  7. just as i thought, a para bayo. dang, looking for a regular bayo and my sources are dried up, any ideas??
  8. blade is for the yugo, others are spike

    anyone try lately? i cant seem to get his site
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    I guess I dont know what your looking for as far as I know most of the para troopers had spike bayos not blade
    Military Rifle Bayonets -
    one here for 25 bucks
  10. im looking for a regular length blade, the one i have is a paratrooper on a full size rifle
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    that shouldnt be that hard to find !

    Good link forgot about Daves:sad2:
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  12. that was a good link, now its bookmarked. i know they are out there, just my usual people are sold out of them
  13. Ironically I bought my 91/30 bayonet through them.