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    Ok, is the correct name for the common M1 Garand bayonet the M5? And isn't it M7 for M16, M6 for M14, and M4 for M1 Carbine? What about the other numbers in between?
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    Actually, "M1" is the correct designation for the 10" M1 bayonet . The M7 scabbard goes with the M1 bayonet. The M1 bayonet goes with the M1 rifle too... It's a military thing, where M1 during WWII was the first release of an item like the M1 helmet, M1 Garand, M1 bayonet, etcetera, etc... :)

    Dave T

  3. Dave ; I have an M1 10" blade bayonet that the blade under the pomel is not machined out for the push button catch release lever. Is this a fluke in manufacturing, or do you know if it was made that way?
  4. M1 bayonet

    Dave is right about the 10" M1 bayonet. The M5 that you're thinking was issued post-Korean War and had a smaller (6"?) barrel and fit, not to the barrel, but to the gas cylinder lock screw.

    I know that the M4 is a carbine bayonet, but I don't have my book to get you about the others. I think you are correct.

  5. Rick-

    what book are you referencing?

  6. Seven year old thread?
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  8. M5 bayonet

    If I remember, the M5 bayonet stud will not fit into a single slot gas screw - if your M5 stud fits into your gas cylinder screw - the screw is fake