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    I have a Norinco SKS, with a bayonet lug on it. How do I know if it is legal to put a bayonet on it?? I have heard you can not put them on Chinese SKS's, but I see them on them a lot....Something about the Chinese one's not being a C&R eligible gun. I would think, if it has the lug, it is legal, but I want to be sure. It's not only a bayonet, its a bipod, fire poker, and you can make kabobs on them...:D And if that deer I shoot just doesn't want to go down, I'll fold out the bayonet and charge him. Just kind of bored so I thought I would come up with a nice legal/not legal question.

    Thinking about the "gun bans", it doesn't have a detachable mag, or a pistol grip, so wouldn't it be legal to have a bayonet?? Stupid guns laws. :mad: It's not that all gun laws are bad.....just letting off steam.
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    There are two bans that affect SKSs. One is the '94 "Crime Bill" that affects all semi-autos and the '89 Import Ban that affects guns imported or made from imported parts.
    You'd be fine under the Crime Bill, but the import ban forbids bayonets (not bayo lugs). Exceptions are made for "curio and relic" guns that are considered more of a collector's item who would posess certain features due to their heritage, which include the Romanian, Russian, Yugoslavian, and Albanian SKS. The Chinese are not included because they were made for export. Now if it had a bayonet in this country before 1989 you're just fine. Otherwise it's a no-no. Now you could beat the import ban by replacing enough parts with imported ones so that there were 10 or less imported parts from their list.

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    I have a Chinese SKS and so does my best friend. We both have bayonets on ours. We carry them every where with them on. Not one authority figure yet has said anything cept "nice rifles guys." Basically most police officers wont say anything to you, unless they just want to be anal about it. (or unless you're a known criminal:))