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  1. Shaun

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    Well friday proved my theory about everyone at the office being PC Panzies. I was called into HR about 4pm with the CEO of my division of course I thought I was getting good news the long awaited promotion that I have worked hard for. Well come to find out that because I am an avid collector, shooter, hunter and reloader. Everyone in the IT (Computer) department is afraid to work with me or flat refused too. Well with the CEO and the HR Manager praising me on my excellent work record and the 100+ letters they have recieved from our dealers around the world praising my work. They demoted me instead of promoting me based on the fact that they could only find one area of the company where someone didn't know of me.

    They refered to me as a survivalist primarily because I eat what I kill and because I have my reloading business. They of course brought up the fact that some people were afraid I could become violent in the workplace. Even though I was completely ticked off with them I am sticking around for the six months they have allowed for me to somehow correct this image. basically they told me to not talk with anyone in the office in the new job and I should be just fine.

    Well here is my response because of my background I doubt they would need to fear me as I am probably one of the safest people around this area. What I have definitely learned from this is no matter how comfortable you get in the company you work for look for that boss to stab you in the back -- this is the first time I have heard of someone getting demoted for working thier ***** off and getting praised for it. So for a while now at least until I recover the promotion I was expecting or take an offer from another company you will see me on in the late evenings.

    by the way if you are looking at one of those large yellow dirt moving felines -- please feel free not to buy one

    :assult: :target:
  2. Jesse

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    That stinks really rotten! People today are so ignorant... not cool.


  3. Gus L.

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    Sounds like a call to an Attorney might be a good first step.
    Looks like they will try to force you out of the company and possibly come up with some Bogus charges like "Threatening employees" or "Dangerous to others"
    Hang in there,
  4. Jesse

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    I agree, legal counsel is worth a look if it gets worse.

  5. Shaun

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    this state is an at will state if they want to fire you for not combing your hair right they could. Good suggestion though thats why I am already considering offers of course if they fire me I don't have to repay then $10K for my second masters degree that they have paid for
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    Shaun,any way we could help? Writing letters or something? I.for one,work with those Cat's,and will inform the people I work with about that company's views. Maybe they'll run like a Deere.
  7. Rave

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    If you look around you can find a PC weinie under just about any rock and they all have big ears and bigger mouths to run to their boss and rat you out like the little rodents they are!
    WOW! I really got to going on that one!But seriously they are all over and there are regulations being created every day to help them screw you so they can fill your slot with others of their ilk!
    DANG! I did it again!
    Yeah I know it's true because they were after me but I always managed to make them look like the fools they really are and when they finally had to do away with my job to get me I retired on their butts and left making more money than I did while I was workinh.Ha,Ha to them!
    Now I can look at them and see them going to heck and know that it is their own fault,another Ha,ha.
    You know,I feel a lot better now!:nod: :nod: :nod: :D :D :D
  8. That's a real bummer Shaun. Sorry to hear there are so many small minded people in one company.

    But, I agree with seeking legal counsel because, from what I've read, they are restriciting your ability to exercise your Constitutional rights.

    There might be no basis for criminal charges but I bet ya you could find a good Attorney, who specializes in Constitional and labor laws, that would take your case.

    Keep your head up, as I know you will.

    BTW, this might be a good time to recommend something: Pre-Paid Legal Services. It's a company that you pay a small fee (for my wife and I....$26 a month) each month that entitles you to free legal representation whenever you need it. It's basically having legal insurance, on the same line as buying health insurance.

    I have no affiliation with the company other than I subscribe to the 'insurance'. And, I have used it extensively over the past couple of years, particularly.
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  9. jerry

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    Up from the land of the jolly big yellow!
    A buddy of mine at CAT just had his job eliminated, he did close to what you do, he works with software for worlwide dealers. He's getting sent to Geneva. Ma be they had the same gig going with you and were too spinless to let the other shoe drop? Naw, The reality of it is you can be union (nuthin against that) and be on the plant floor and be the biggest gun toti'n corbread eatin hillbilly (like me:)) and get along fine, matter of fact it's darn near a requeset. But, if you don't fit the tidy whity image of a yellow blooded true aristrocrat, look out!
    Just my opinion, a lot of big companies like that seem to think they operate theyre own small government, highly on the liberal Dem side.
    I agree with the above. Get a lawyer, you area discriminaion
    victim. If your going to do it. I wouldn't say much more about it here or there. With your qualifications, you should have no trouble finding = or better employment.
    Good luck.
  10. NRAJOE

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    Bummer Shaun, I'm lucky my boss is an avid hunter,shooter etc. I even give him my old gun mags that he doesn't about 70% of the employees also have firearms.
  11. Stopper

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    They may be "at will" but Shaun, discrimination is discrimination!

    Turn them on their tails here, they have flat out discriminated against you because of a liberty you choose to take advantage of.

    PC my A**, pure discrimination!!! You are not being held accountable by your work history, but rather by your "hobby".

    This is CRAP!!!

    Sorry but this really burns my A**.

    Hope another job works out, but check with a laawwyyer (I hate that word) first.
  12. As for me you will be in my prayers.
  13. Oxford

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    I'm no lawyer but here's what I know about working "at will."

    You're right about working "at will" for your company. Unless you've got a contract or are covered by union rules the "at will" rules apply. When the boss doesn't want you anymore he can release you without giving any reason. You're simply working at his will and only as long as he wants you to work. This doesn't exclude you, though, from being covered by discrimination laws, etc. which may or may not have been violated.

    Sounds like they had a number of years to evaluate your work performance and had constantly rated you high, even showing enough confidence in you pay $10,000 for your two master's degrees.

    With 10G's at stake I would agree with you in trying to go along with them for a while to avoid paying that amount back unless something comes along that eliminates that hurdle. Many times changing jobs results in someone finding an even better job with more pay and better working conditions.

    Lawyers are not my favorite people but when a person's rights have been violated the legal system seems to be the only way to make the other party pay. However, too many times the lawyers end up with the money and the parties involved get nothing or only a portion of what they should get.

    Good luck. By the way, there's lots of IT jobs advertised in the Kansas City Star newspaper regularly. You won't have much trouble changing jobs if that becomes your decision.

  14. Calvin

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    Shaun, sounds to me like the upper management is afraid of you. If you haven't been written up or "counseled" for this, it's illegal for them to demote you on those terms, period. Sounds like slander and liablis are the order of the day here. I do glass work for HOLT on the side for their heavy equipment, and have never heard of this happening there. Regardless, it is illegal to demote anyone in any state for something that has never been documented and discussed with the employee. Check with an attorney, as I'm sure there's a lawsuit here. Good luck, and God bless......
  15. colt45

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    Hay partner I'm no lawyer but I would say that you have a case if they had any reasons to get rid of you and thought you where a danger they would have dumped you in a heart beat, lot more law suites if they knew about you and did nothing than just moving you and hoping you'll quit.
    That really sucks man.
    I just got released back from the doctor after tearing up my knee at work to find my boss filled my position and that I'm now on indefinite layoff. That that was illegal in NY but was wrong if they just fired me it would have been so they just lay ed me off telling me that the chances of coming back are very slim.
    I know what your going through man.

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    Shaun I seriously doubt it was all the people. It was more likely one or a couple and the management used everyone to hide the pusses.

    I would have responded: "**** now I have to kill everyone"; of course I would be in the UE line.

    Get a lawyer or do your ****dest to get fired and make them very happy when you are gone. (I will leave this up to your imagination) If you want some good tips I will tell you some.

    I am just curious did you ever say anything that would be construed as nutsy? Are they all democrats? Just think if you were a minority or a gal you would stil be where you were.

    OH YEAH THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!!! Document everything. Anytime someone says anything to you out of the normal routine of business; ie jokes, social life etc... Any derogatory comments you have heard from anyone either directly or indirectly. Document any complaints and actions taken. Any bad looks or snickers etc... write them down and when they let you go carry this book to your lawyer.

    Oh and you might want to try some misinformation. This could be greatly used to your advantage.
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  17. Doglips

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    Man that S$uks Shaun!!!! My boss is anti-gun...even though his wife bought a pistol from me....I can realte to the work at will is Fl. I get some ribbing at work about how I must be in the milita because I own so many guns but so far it has not hurt my promotions. Not sure what the job market is like in your feild...I know FL. has had a lot of layoffs in the telacomm sector and someother hi-tec stuff....Never hurts to look around. As for the layer rout I have 2 "working" for me over some tax..IRS issues and they both seem to do nothing but file motions and get $$ from me.....Id triple check the reputation of one before getting one...and rember it wont be esay finding a job when your sueing your old boss so get the finances in order before you go that route.... Good luck on your quest.
  18. Klaus

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    There are many IT jobs open around Houston.
  19. Shaun

    Shaun G&G Evangelist

    THANKS GUYS!!!!! It's very nice to see a group of people who understand. I spoke with a friend who is a lawyer here and he is looking at every aspect he can to right this wrong. I have also started planting the seeds at the dealer level basically this means I will very soon have 170 sales managers climbing all over them as well - through some hard work I earned all these guys trust again for the company and they just threw away a key contact.

    Over the weekend I put out a resume on and have already recieved a couple of letters asking for interviews. As to the $10K for the education thats only for the past 12 months so far they have paid out a total of $30K in the past 4 years which included the first Masters and the first half of this one.

    No I have never had a warning about this and they knew about my business 4 years ago it was what got me the last position that just got phased out and put me in this position. Jerry, your buddy and I should talk have him e-mail me at [email protected]

    The only thing I can guess is some of the guys I work closely with and who I have helped in finding deals on guns mouthed off. I have taken these guys out to the range and they have seen how I study each shot before and after. They Probably mouthed off about my shooting head shots on all my 200 yard targets (index cards with a human silohouette) or something. In the future I won't be taking these guys to the range again.

    by the way I am a nut about documenting stuff like this my mother a paralegal taught me well. I am now even carrying that little recorder I used to carry in my uniform shirt as a just in case.
    So far not one of the bosses has even shown his face this week.

    To answer the question that if I ever made a threat or a action that could be considered a threat is simple No I never did such a thing I report to work and then go home after working out otherwise I am at my desk all day on the phone with the dealers working on improvements. I still may go back to LEO one day and I don't want any hangup's

    Go ahead and hold off on the letters for now I don't want to hurt what my friend is working on and maybe I'll end up getting interviewed by a few of my favorite news media I know Ann Coulter would love a case like this and I wouldn't mind meeting her. anyone know if she is single?

    Glad to be in the company of a group of really good guys.

  20. Mon Bathan

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    I am a voluntary labor arbitrator and though the labor law I am oriented with is different from your end, STILL the fact remains that the things done unto you, based on the facts you've stated, clearly violates your right as a person and as a professional.

    I may not be from your place but I am familiar with your basic labor laws and I agree that you should build up your case so these ***---- won't get the better side of things. I humbly suggest you gather and collate your evidences, document everything, and submit it to a legal person who can more or less give you an overview how to best handle the matter.

    Even if the discussion with your boss was only verbal or one-to-one, you can execute your own affidavit citing what has transpired in the said meeting and what you believe are violations of your right as an indivisual. Submitting to the legal process requires too much on documentation to substantiate ones claim and I really suggest you build up your case and evidences well.

    Everywhere you will find stupid and inconsiderate boss thinking that they are gods and own their current turf. If we do not contradict this from happening through legal means we will never curb their misdoings---the process will never stop---and they will get to victimize more people through their unjust acts!! I say F--- them!!

    Go through the process and stucy your case well. You have my prayers.