Bear hunting

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  1. Anybody hunt bear with dogs. What breed do you use? I've never hunted bear but have hunted boar with redbones and bulldogs.
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    I hunt Mtn. Curs, some lines of these dogs do good on bear and hog

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    Eastern NC

    No; but an area that we used to hunt in eastern NC the guys would chase them with Plott hounds. NC state dog.
    Them were some tough hard headed working dawgs.
    I followed them for awhile one night. WOW WE.:)
  4. We have a small population of Bear that was secretly introduced in the southern part of Arkansas.
    I hope I live long enough to get to hun one some day.
    There is Bear hunting in the nothern parts of Arkansas and has been for years.
    Wether or not dogs are allowed to hunt bear I don't know.
    The terrain would be tuff to persue one with dogs.
  5. I always liked Plotts too. My favorite were my Redbones though. I loved my red dogs. For anybody that doesn't know what they look like rent "where the red fern grows". Another good dog was the "Utchman" Blueticks. I had a buddy that crossed Utchman and hammer dogs. That was a good mix. I've only seen one cur around here. She had a good personality and was tough as nails. For the most part you wont hear me bad mouth any hound. Most of them have a place in my heart. There is only one breed I don't care for, but I ain't naming it. Lets just say they are high strung and like to take you cross country.
  6. JK I recon everybody knows what Red Bones are. But I wonder how they got that name Red Bone.
    You don't suppose thier bones are red do yee ?
  7. I reckon' its cause their red clear to the bone. Mike I miss my dogs. I really miss the listening to the "race".
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    Iworked out of Booneville,Ark. in 79and 80 and they had just gotten started with the bear project.There was no season at that time but I used to go out in the Magazine Mountain area and if I was good enough and lucky I would see bear.There was no need for a firearm so with just a light backpack and canteen it was a lot easier to get around.Still,I saw a lot of hands and knees country.I emagine they use dogs but it must be hard to get there before the dogs get tore up.I hunted bear in Wisconsin and UP,Mich with dogs and some out west.There is nothing quite like it.Wish I could do it again.I'm not complaining,I had my day. sam.
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    Jk them go yonder dogs wasn't tri colored was they :wall:
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    Treeing Walkers

    Smokey: JK; Fellows :09:you didn't know my hounds did ya. Crap them dogs just straight lined; wide a$$ed open. Hit a HOT one and make out like they done something:09::09: and me sloggin along behind :09:with a smile on my face:)
  11. Hmmm could be. I do know they had more than two colors. Hmmm what would that be. lol Somebody is gonna read this and get mad. Me and you both ain't even named the breed but every body thats had to chase one cross country knows exactly what we're talkin about. I can tell you this if you have a young dog your training, and he is green, don't take him out with a dog that you ain't sure of. It will take you forever to break him off trash and sometimes you cant.
    Neophyte why do you think we was talkin' about walker dogs. Smokey make room behind that wall son I'm comin' to join ya'. We gone get shot if we don't mind out. I do know when they get on a good hot coondeer and go on the Talladega 500 you sure get excited until you figure out you cant get any closer and here them disappear into the next time zone. Usually this is after you've waded through a gator filled swamp.
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    just seemed you might have seen them

    jimkim: Sir :09: it sure did seem like you mite have followed along behind these smokers:09:
    Broke off :09::09: foxes:09: just to chase deer:09: suppose to be looking for coon:09: lie'n *** hounds:)

    I wouldn't have take $1000.00'nds for them, but wouldn't have give you two dead flies for either
  13. Hahahahaha I know the feeling well. Fist you say "man listen to them go..they sure are headin' on" then a minute later you say "man listen to them go they sure are headin' on." The funny thing is the two have completely different meanings and emotions attached. Lol(some of that was edited due to the adult language used)
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    Never hunted behind hounds but when I lived in Arkansas I sure liked to listen to them.
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    I love just about all dogs, but the first time I watched a video of them cornering and letting two pit bulls go in and hold onto a pig, so some one could slip in and stick the pig with a knife, I couldn't help but think that was a brave man. I mean if either of those pitbulls left loose of that pig and turned on him, he was a goner. I don't think I would ever go on one of those types of hunt, but if I did, I sure would want some one with a large gun aimed at those dogs while I was poking a piggy