because "Arkansaw Hunter" said so:)

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    This summer turned into a wonderful adventure; 'our' "arkansaw hunter" caused me to elvaluate some of my thinking with knives :)
    At the NRA convention here in the spring; KA-Bar from New York; brought some ware to sell; me KA-BAR 1211; would have gotten some for my friends had I been better prepared {dagnabit}

    I set a time aside to visit "New Graham Knives" in Bluefield Virginia; I haven't been their before! {as it turned out; same city as West Virginia: interesting}

    These folk openly advertised the "Mora" knives; {arkansaw hunter recommend} I knew I wanted 1 or more
    What a wonderful shop these folks have; bright; airy; clean; with many brands to choose from; a bit of knife heaven. I found the 'Mora' as 'ah' described. picked out some; found a couple of others for my son

    Leaving their; I headed for Knoxville, Tenn to meet ''MrsS, MrS" "gng members"; wow weee; what wonderful folks. {will come back soon}:)
    MrS; turned me on to a Fire Burger; and then a ''Hot" hot pepper; {me made the wall of FLAME} wow

    Before; we traveled to "Smoky Mountain Knife Works" a knife store outta this world; dang dang dang;
    That first evening I spent about 2.5 hours looking slobbering; and hadn't made a dent in this place;
    I started finding ''yumm'' and more 'yum' that I couldn't live without;
    They too carry the Mora;
    I ended up with 20 something knives;7-8 hours shopping; some for my son; and friends; all an adventure unto itself.

    What I learned; don't really know; what I ended up with; a wonderfun outing
    Should you have the time; these two Stores are fun; Leave all money at home haha

    The following week; I left for Florida; and found yet another knife; wow weee; I should have something to cut watermellons with now. Friday this week; haha; I'm going to pickup a tomatoe cutting knife. Will have some thoughts after the purchase haha:)
  2. Earl Easter

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    Well dang gonnit Craig that sounds like and adventure ta me...LOL..

    Glad you had some time and have done the things that you love ta do...We missed ya though and hoped ya would be back..Good ta see ya around again..Earl

  3. neophyte

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    Earl Easter, AllAlaskan; Gentlemen, yes to loads of fun. That doesn't include the 3 different computer virus's. dagnabit. I went to sites; oh well nuff said.

    I have pictures of many of the findings, wow weee. Stuck one in the truck for those times of need, fishing tackle box now has its own, for the 3 day bag, ''Seven's" idea, going to attach a couple to it. {yep; building a ''Seven" bag}:)
    I'll try and post the pictures haha; me dummy

    The point to my visits; I learn from each of you; I value your input, your knowledge, your understandings, your laughter

    "Arkansaw Hunter" will forever be with me, his guidance led me to some 'Mora' knives. They will be my daily reminders.
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    Mora as in Swedish Bofors steel ?? Look at the Fallkniven A1 and F1 for a true all-purpose knife !!
  5. ChaZam

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    Good story Craig. I guess whe can just thank AH for the legacy he left.
  6. neophyte

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    One isn't enough :) lol I did get the 'Buck' 0941RWS-B spreader; Friday. A birthday present.
    At first glance; very lovely to look at. At second looking:) seems to fit into a good use knife :) ???? ;)