Been A Busy Summer

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    I know, I know, ya'lls ain't seen me in a while. Been busy doin around the house. Between helping my cousin mow yards one day a week, and me keeping the yards down in my neighborhood, and trying to get a floor built and a wall put up in the carport that was turned into an extra room, I've been busy.
    Been working on raising the floor in the extra carport room up to house level. I put a wall in about 10 foot from the front wall and am going to put a garage door in for a short garage, and the rest is going to an extra room for laundry, freezer, maybe a fridge. Kinda like a big pantry.

    Then when I was goin good on the floor I ended up getting sick for 3 weeks. Just got over it on the 21st. It started on the 7th. Went to see the 3 times for it. I given flu test 1, and 2, along with the covid test. All came back negative. The doc wanted to check my gallbladder, so I was sent for an ultra sound of my gallbladder.
    I was in the bathroom more times than I care to think about. I didn't eat anything the first 4 days of the mess. Ended up taking a stool sample in 2 week later, and on the 18th the results came back showing what I had was an aggressive food poisoning. So the doc put me on a Z-pack antibiotics. Don't ask me where this came from. I'm thinkin it was a zucchini from a food bank that the neighbor gave me. She got food bank box from her church and gave me one of the boxes. Stuff that was left over. Or it was a bad batch of bananas I bought. Or it was the water in the town I live in.

    I don't know if I told ya, but I filed a claim with my insurance for wind damage about 3 months ago on my roof. Well that paid for tin and all the fixins for a new roof to be put on. I found a guy who works for a roofer who does side jobs. He is going to strip the roof, and lay the tin for 1600 bucks. He a Mexican guy. Rather have him do it, from what I've seen with the regular contractors around here.
    And just after the wind damage I was putting up new facia boards and repairing dry rot on a bit of the roof.

    So yeah it's been a busy summer. Oh and that peach tree I planted a few years ago finally paid off. I got 3 gallon vacuum sealed freezer bags full, along with 3 quarts in mason jars. Yeah I tried my hand at canning. My mom got peaches, my cousin got peaches, my aunt got peaches, and the neighbor across the street got peaches. Everybody got peaches. Next year I'm gonna have to spray the tree when it starts budding. A lot of the peaches had worms. I heard there was a moth that will lay eggs or nest in the bud just before it blooms and the worm gets in the peach. Mom picked the worms out of her peaches. I ate right through em. Told mom the worm is going to taste like the peach anyway. The peach tree started producing back at the end of June, and early July.

    I'll get a few pics of the flooring and wall I put in. When winter hits I'll be doing inside work. Might get the bathroom finished, and the living room painted this winter.
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  2. Huey Rider

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    Painting the living room PINK are you?:p:p

    Welcome back, TNP, missed ya!!
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  3. jwrauch

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    Good to see you back !!
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  4. grizcty

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    Welcome back gabby. ;)
    How is your Dad doing?
    Still praying.
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    ARRRRRGGGGHHH....great to see ya back and we missed ya !
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  6. runfiverun

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    I ain't missed ya none.
    the crazy lady across the street is painting her place pinkish orange, so it feels like your right over there.
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  7. neophyte

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    TNPIRATE: Sir; wow weee :) you’ve had busy somes:)
    Glad you are checking in :)
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    I suspect you need a good bottle of Kentucky Whisky. It is the best medicine in the world. Woodford Reserve Dbl. Oak can save you from Rattle Snake bites and give you great courage.:D:D:D
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    I just figured you were either marooned somewhere or chasing Huey Rider around trying to get your PINK hat back.:D
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    Doggone Mark, sorry to hear how sick you were.
    Sounds like you have been rather busy though.
    But yes, those peaches will need sprayed for sure.
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  11. BigEd63

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    Welcome back!
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    TNPIRATE Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum Forum Contributor

    You'll have to post some pics of how your living room looks in PINK :p
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    Here's the pics of what I'm doing.

    This is the center joist for the new floor. Raising it up to the level of the house. This was a carport turned into a room by the lady who owned the house before me.

    This is the framing for the wall I am adding. I brought that wall in 10 foot. Where that window is I am putting in a garage door. You can see the box that garage door is in leaning against the plywood for the floor. Yep already bought it.

    I had to rearrange the outlets on the walls and raise them up above the new floor.

    This is of the back wall behind the washer and dryer in the first pic. I had to cut out the bottom plate of the framing and replace some of it. The wood on the bottom plate was dry rotted. I thought it was this that made me sick. I started cutting out the dry rotted wood and thought it made me sick. There was rotted wood and dust everywhere. That wire is a 220 for the dryer. I had to move it and rehang it where I am going to put the dryer.

    A pic of the wall I put in. That funky looking piece on the left side is a door jamb I just stuck there to get it out of the way. I am going to be using it for the door between the new flooring and small garage. It (the door jamb) came out of the living room when I opened it up. Figured I could use it and hung on to it. So there will be a door between the garage and the room. DSCF6299.JPG

    Yeah I know. Not much room to work. Keep having to move everything. Have to get the floor laid so I can get the water lines, and washer drain set up. Then get the water heater, washer/dryer up out of the way. Have to rework the water lines for the water heater too.

    Non bearing wall here. Had to find the rafters and drill the top plate into the rafters. And I have to rip down those fiber ceiling tiles. The ceiling tiles in the foreground are fiber. The ceiling tiles in the background are Styrofoam.

    The door way that is going to be between the room and the garage. Those outlets were lower all the way around. I had raise every one of them. That empty outlet box was a light switch for a porch light. There is a back door to the original room that I am going to be taking out and framing in and putting up a regular wall there. Basically boarding up the old door. That empty box will be used for another light switch when I put up a light in the garage part. Figuring I will get in the attic and put in outlet boxes and just hang a couple shop lights up and plug them in.

    I know it's messy and I am moving stuff to work around. But once I get the floor in where the washer and dryer are I can get them up out of the way and have more room. The b**ch is going to be the water heater. Have to drain it, cut the waterlines, then add a bit of new waterline to get the water heater moved.
    I started laying joist and started thinking. I have the joist set 16 inches apart. I still have some 2x8 boards that didn't cost me anything. So I am adding 2x8 joist between the joist to hold the weight of water heater, washer, and dryer. I started thinking that water weighs 8 pounds to the gallon and it is a 40 gallon water heater. Just the water is going to weigh over 300 pounds. I know that a washer holds water constantly too. But I don't know how much, but I know it's heavy. I'm what I call putting double joist.

    New adventure. I have a guy coming to put on a new tin roof. But he's not going to start in October. Meanwhile it rained this past week for 3 days. Rain from hurricane Beta. And I ended up with a leak. So before I can start on the floor again I have to get on the roof and rip the shingles off fix the old wood and cover it until the guy comes to put the tin on.

    And all this lumber was bought with the stimulus checks we got. Yes I put the money back into the economy by buying lumber:usa:
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    Crazy lady. She must be a red head:D Is she cute:D Red heads and crazy ladies are fun to hang out with. Just don't get married to them:cool:
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    yep a redhead.
    I seen her in 'action' already.
    I'm not even going on her side of the street.
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    Man, you're a busy boy! I did a bit of work myself a few weeks ago - opened up the outside wall to find out what happened to the bathroom vent that was supposed to have gone into the soffits with a cheater vent. The roofers couldn't find it when they re-roofed. Turns out the lazy sob plumber who told me he had run a cheater vent into the soffit - and it was all kosher - had actually just put his cheater vent into the wall right behind our bathroom mirror. The wife is convinced that her frequent headaches in our half-bath were due to sewer gas coming in around the wall light fixture; said headaches having disappeared. Could be.
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2020
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  17. Huey Rider

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    Looks good, TNP. I was busy all August doing landscaping around the new patio out back.
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    Your landscaping consisted of new yard art:D


    TNPIRATE Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum Forum Contributor

    I hate it when you pay someone to do a job and they do a lousy job and use short cuts with the money you have already paid them.
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    TNPIRATE Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum Forum Contributor

    Ya big sissy:D Ya still didn't answer if she was cute or not:D
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