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  1. Howdy,

    There was a large convention of international brewers and after a hard day 4 beer salesmen decided to go out to the bar for a drink.

    The first salesman from Mexico went up to the bar and said “ Give me a Corona, that is the numero uno beer “.

    The second salesman from Australia said to the bartender “ Hey mate, give me a pint of Fosters, the best beer in the worldâ€￾

    The third salesman from the U.S.A. went to the bar and said “ give a Budweiser, the King of Beers “

    The fourth salesman from Bavaria went up to the bar and ordered a Coke.

    The American salesman said to himâ€￾ why are you drinking a Coke ?â€￾

    The Bavarian replied “ Well if you fellas aren’t drinking beer, I’m not going to eitherâ€￾ :)

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    True, when I was stationed in Germany I drank some AWESOME beer! When I first came back our beer tasted like peepee water! :cheer:

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    My pops was stationed in Germany for about eight years. He's the same as you.....say's American beer is water compared to German....
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    Since I was, well, 18 years old (Thats when I was of legal drinking age) I have purchased many German and imported beers.

    One of my favorites is from a Micro Brewery in my old hometown. It is the Black Bavarian from Sprecher Brewery!!

    When I was a younger man, most of the monkey **** Americans call beer would do, as getting plastered was the goal.

    Now I enjoy a beer for the sake of that beer and drink imports, and micro brews whenever I have a choice. And keep that berry and tree frog snot beer away from me.

    That stuff to me is like Grenache or box wine. If I wanted cool aide, that's what I'd drink.

    Not all imports are good either, and the most watered pee pee type beer I will willing drink is Jamacian Red Stripe! I jest love it mon!

    Just shows to go ya, there is no accounting for taste.........

    :cheer: :cheer: :lucky: :cheer: :cheer:

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    Their still not the same strength as the beers actually sold in their respective countrys. They still get the alcohol taken out of them for legal U.S. consumption. :(
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    US import laws do require that, sadly.

    But then the taste is what I am after now, not getting snorked! Besides, with the meds I now take daily, I am not supposed to consume alcoholic beverages in any quantity............

    When I was a young buck the stuff was poured in like water, and now one for the taste is verboten!

    Life can be so mean!!!