Believe In Ghosts??

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  1. mitchr

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    Man claims video captures ghosts running across the road. I can't say I believe in ghosts, but won't say I don't. Shortly after moving into this house, I'd sometimes hear voices. They were kinda muffled, as if coming from another room. Could sometimes pick out a female voice & a male voice, then other times it might be 2 males, but was never able to distinguish what they were saying. Happened several times & finally said something about it to my wife.

    Find out, she'd been hearing them also, but didn't say anything because she figured I'd think she was crazy!:rolleyes: I've always figured that because of the way sound can travel on a quiet night, the metal duct work in the house was maybe picking up neighbors, although closest one is maybe 200 ft away.
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  2. BigEd63

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    Yes in a way I do. Although I really don't want to go into details about it.
    But it's not in the common definition of them. Deceiving spirits would be more appropriate.
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  3. White Rook

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    I have seen and heard somethings that I really can't explain. The place I used to work had some strange things going on. The building was built back in 1912. I worked there for 27 years. I asked myself many times over the years, "Did I really just see that or hear that"?
    Many of my co-workers said they had seen or heard some weird things also.
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  4. runfiverun

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    I've had a few experiences that have made me wonder what the story behind them were.

    one in particular really made me take notice.

    when I mentioned it to a very old lady one time.
    she told me the story of what happened and who i was seeing on numerous occasions.
    the even odder thing is I only seen that lady one time.
    when I enquired during our brief conversation she didn't even bat an eye like she expected the question and came and went just that one time.
    I never seen nor heard her come in nor leave the locked building.
    so I may have got a two for one.
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  5. noelekal

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    Nope. No ghosts need apply.

    Perhaps this is an odd reason, but I can't square my belief in God with believing in ghosts. Besides, I never have observed a thing that suggests existence of ghosts.
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  6. Seen a lot over the years, had experiences with some very unpleasant "Things" that "Weren't from Around here" in an Etherial sense, and also have visited many old historic places where you could feel some of the things that went on there (including a late 1800's Victorian home that I lived in for close to twelve years that had other residents present). The way I look at it is that our grasp on what we call "Reality" is based on the scantest of information in the first place, so what most of us perceive is but a fraction of what really exists.

    Think about it... all matter that we know of is made up of 99.9999% empty space, yet we percieve things as Solid, Our eye's can only see the tiniest fraction of the wavelengths of light and energy available and on top of that have horrible resolution (our eye's actually vibrate continuously with our brains overlaying multiple crude images to give us the percieved resolution that we see like a software trick and even then at a slow frequency to where 60 Hz / Cycles per second seems continuous to us) And if you really want to question the validity of your senses start delving into things like the the McGurk effect and it puts it into perspective of how unaware and untrustworthy our senses really can be (link below).

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  7. I spend too much time alone out in the middle of nowhere for those sort of shenanigan's..

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  8. I firmly believe in paranormal activity. I've seen and experienced too many things not to.
  9. PAPA G

    PAPA G G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    I never seen ghosts! Even my died wife, has never shown up near me either. :(
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  10. Ten Man

    Ten Man G&G Evangelist

    Do you not agree with the Christian concept of Purgatory?

    If you do agree with the concept of Purgatory, please define WHERE it is located. Is it not possible that some "souls" wander the Earth for a while after leaving their bodies behind?
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  11. Ten Man

    Ten Man G&G Evangelist

    Personally, I think "souls" that have departed their bodies, DO exist outside of the physical realm, for a while. How long is "a while?" Who knows?

    Three quarters of the Earth's population believes in re-incarnation. Where are the souls located until they get a new body?
  12. Huey Rider

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    Well, Ginsberg haunted ti Supreme Court for how many years??:cool:
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  13. runfiverun

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    and announced her arrival in L.A. just before midnight.
    I'd go on about how they needed the room for such a big butthole and such but[shrug] too soon.
    maybe after lunch.?
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  14. Jaison

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    Ok, that’s funny! Clever, brother!
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  15. Jaison

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    Bad juju all around.
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  16. AK Hunter

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    Back in high school I studied photography & I learned how light/images can be bent & refocused in places they are not supposed to be.
    No I don't believe in ghosts.
    A few years ago I noticed that sound is just about the same I was on the opposite bank of the river & I could hear my buddy as clear as if he were standing right next to me. It was evening & the moisture levels were just right over the flat water to carry the sound of his voice over a mile.
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  17. runfiverun

    runfiverun G&G Evangelist

    the catholic church believes in them enough to have a whole unit that does nothing but deal with them.

    the Mormons don't have those problems since any male over the age of 12 holds the priesthood and is capable of sending spirits packing with just a few words.

    that should tell you something right there.
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  18. DWFan

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    Ghosts, spirits, paranormal entities, whatever you call it, I've seen too many things happen since my kids were killed to think there isn't something there. An example is that my son and daughter-in-law used to collect pennies for my granddaughter. These pennies were all stolen from my kids apartment when they died. Now we find pennies constantly but in places where they shouldn't be: in our mailbox, in our shoes, along side our cars in our driveway. We even found a penny in the console of our Jeep the day we drove it off the dealers lot.
    Of course, we keep them. They are in the Coke bottle bank that belonged to my granddaughter.
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  19. savage12755a

    savage12755a G&G Evangelist

    What you are seeing and hearing are not phantasms from this world but rather the shadows from a parallel universe, or perhaps several parallel universes, overlapping onto this one. People in those universes going about their everyday routines, when some quirk of the space/time continuum reveals their presence to our world and perhaps even presents to them some ephemeral vision of our daily routine, to the same bafflement of the senses.