Believe In Ghosts??

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by mitchr, Sep 18, 2020.

  1. Big Dog

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    I don't believe in ghosts. Nor pixies, faeries, bigfoot, unicorns, moderate democrats, or other mythical beasties.
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  2. Jaison

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    Faeries exist, brother.

    They currently comprise the majority of Antifa members.
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  3. mitchr

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    The way I interpret it, the soul does not immediately go to heaven. All go to heaven at one time after the 2nd coming of Christ. I don't know if that waiting period is the purgatory, which I thought was a Catholic belief. Maybe ghosts are those that are not going to heaven. :rolleyes:
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  4. mitchr

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    I tease my wife about watching the ghost hunting programs on TV. They have the elaborate "test equipment" that is suppose to light up, ding, of something when it detects a ghost. I wonder how much of it is just a money making gig, or if they are really serious. 'Course, if they ever find a ghost & can show it to the world, their program is done & they lose their income.:rolleyes:
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  5. austinjoe13

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    I have to say I do believe in them, because that kind of stuff scares the crap out of me, but I am also interested in it. That video is really cool. It’s pretty hard for a puff of dust to do that kind of stuff.
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  6. mitchr

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    We have had instances of things disappearing, then showing up in very unlikely places. It's not a matter of one of us using the item, then laying it down there, rather than returning it to where it belongs.

    My wife was leaving the wash room one day & heard a noise behind her. A pair of scissors which had been laying on top of the dryer was on the floor. Not at the base of the dryer, as they would be if vibration had caused them to slide off, but halfway across the floor, as if thrown!:eek:
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  7. BigEd63

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    Every christian ought to be able to do so.

    But there also is the talents and gifting part and is everyone given every single gift?

    That's one problem I have with denominations that have cookie cutter doctrine applied to everyone.

    It can either give one over/self confidence or make one too weak/meek when one needs to be strong.

    It's like sending a warrior out with a sword or spear but no shield or with a shield but no sword or spear.
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  8. rando

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    Asking if a person if they believe in ghosts is like asking if you believe in UFO's. I think many people don't believe in these things and think its nonsense. Then there are the ones that believe in it because they have had an experience or experiences. You could say today that its effin nonsense and call others a fruit loop if they believe in ghosts. Then one day of your life you have a crazy experience that changes your thoughts the opposite. Most people I have heard talk about ghosts or haunted in their home have occurrences. I have heard people talk about how things were moved in their home and they placed them back where they belong and find it moved again. Others that hear sounds or voices. Others that have had doors or chairs move etc.... Seems off the wall but I didn't see it or hear it myself.
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  9. Jaison

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    Wow! You got ESPN, or something? LOL These are pretty close to my thoughts, too.

    Spiritual armor is the full kit. The Enemy will find a weakness without confidence and surety in the full kit.
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  10. Junction15

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    I dunno about ghosts. I've seen things, felt things, and heard things that make me wonder.
    I do get weird "premonitions" every now and then. I freaked out a friend of mine one day when a car came up the roadway and I told him hat car was going to back into the utility pole across the street.
    We were sitting on a post & rail fence outside a little corner store. There was/still is an 4 way intersection right in front of the store where a car could take the right by taking the Wye to the right. There was a utility pole right at the edge if that little island. I heard the car coming from a distance away and I just "knew" it was going to back into the pole.
    Sure enough, the car approaches the intersection. Slows and stops in the middle of the intersection, and backs right into that pole. I didn't know the people, nor their car. I didn't know where they were going. Just a feeling told me they were going to back into it.

    Stuff like that happens to me all the time.

    Except that it doesn't work for the winning Powerball numbers.
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  11. We were at my grandmothers funeral. Nan hated my father ( son in law ) with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns.

    There was this pregnant pause after the ceremony at the cemetery when everyone was thinking who was going to say " let's go " Nan would have been annoyed at that. She was very forthright.

    Suddenly a big dead branch broke off a eucalyptus tree above my father's car and landed full length on the hood, roof and deck lid. Didn't do any real damage and but it was quite dramatic.

    I smiled and glanced skyward and said to myself: yeah, see ya Nan!

    That's as close to believing in ghosts as I've got.
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  12. savage12755a

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    We were at my fathers funeral at the Ft. Gibson National Cemetery in 2007. I was walking with my wife and mother towards the shelter where his casket awaited the Honor Guard, when all of a sudden we walked through a cloud of aroma of roses. There were no roses within a mile of the cemetery. My Grandmother, who passed in 2004 loved roses. My mother commented that Grandma, who doted on her son-in-law, was letting us know dad had arrived.
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  13. mrmike7189

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    I worked security at a Soldiers Home near Boston that has been around since 1882. The land itself was a revolutionary war bunker,outpost, George Washington's Army was stationed there in 1775. ......I heard and saw some weird stuff there on the graveyard shift. Yeah I believe....actually saw a full bodied apparition of a man walk through a door. Creepy place
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  14. big shrek

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    Interesting, Is that the Holy Order of Leopold, or the other guys?

    What words do the Mormons use? Haven't heard their tactics yet.
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  15. big shrek

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    My experiences and sighting have been mostly daytime ones.

    was about 11 years old, mom had left me lying on the couch watching tv
    while she went to get me some I'm all alone, my sister
    was at school, empty house...and I heard one of the inside doors SLAM.
    Figured it was a burglar so I rolled off the couch & jumped out the door.
    House only had the front door and a garage door, both were closed.
    Stayed outside and nobody came out. Mom got back 5 mins later...
    I told her what happened, and she got a neighbor to help her check
    the house...nobody anywhere in the house, all the windows were closed.

    When working at Fort Walton Beach Medical Center, got a Code Blue in
    the cardiac ward. As I was walking across to the room, watching them
    do CPR compressions thru the glass door, a nurse was going in the door,
    and moved as if to let someone out, but it was a weird shimmer like a
    human-sized mirage (wavy air, for lack of a better term) went by and then
    zoomed down the hall...and I got this mental impression of "FREE!"
    I looked back at the body and could tell it was now just a total shell.
    My next thought was, "They can stop now...that one left the building."
    They flogged the corpse for the required amount of time, then stopped.
    So that's a spirit or soul leaving the least, the only way the
    almost-invisible figure makes sense.

    Walking the Wall at Fort Pickens...went away from my group walking on
    the wall at a Civil War Era I returned, they're all yelling something
    but the waves drowned out what they were saying, so I ran back quickly
    through a small cloud of mist...a couple of the girls gasped at that point.
    Got over to them and they're like, "You didn't SEE that guy??"
    "Nope...just some mist." "It looked like a Civil War soldier in grey,
    and he just went poof when you ran through him!" At that point my
    buddy Cope said, "I think it's time to get the bleep outta here!"
    So we all did. Alrighty mighty strange happening.
    I didn't see it, but everyone else did. Must admit to the mist feeling
    a bit weird & kind of sticky...

    With just those experiences, and I've had more...I'd love more evidence
    and frankly some dadgum good video to get proof of these sorts of
    happenings. Firmly believe there's more out there going on than meets
    the eye...and bet it's pretty much just our understanding of such
    things is simply a lack of understanding of the human it
    works, how it is seen by others, what really happens after we
    finally die. And I wonder if I can only see an odd shimmer/etc,
    because I've died before and been brought back. At least 8 times
    so far...maybe a few more. I think my angel works a lot of overtime ;)

    Although I'm pretty sure The Big Guy just keeps me around for the
    hilarity factor...and that I'm crazy enough to run towards danger instead
    of doing the smart thing and running away from it...
  16. Don't feel too badly Shrek. I see the lady who originally owned my house on a fairly regular basis. She's a "residual haunting", meaning she's basically an image going from the kitchen through the dining room to the living room on an endless loop.

    This is the 3rd home I've lived in that has paranormal activity over the years and with my luck it would happen if we built a new house somewhere. Makes me feel like a weirdness magnet sometimes. :rolleyes:
  17. ACfixer

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  18. mrmike7189

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    Well,ok ... ....I dont believe in Global Warming
    (But I do believe in UFO's and Ghosts.)
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  19. ACfixer

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    Yeah... but I don't believe in global warming either. I am an air conditioning contractor, it's a joke. ;)

    Here's my problem with UFOs, you have had Nat Geo photographers (and now videographers) for the last 120 years that spend basically their entire lives in the outdoors taking pictures with the VERY best equipment and many would argue the top talent in the world. In 120 years and all over the globe you can't show me one clear picture of a "UFO" that is indisputably an other-worldly spacecraft? Add to that 7 billion people with cameras...

    All that time, they'll get pictures of fleas on a wolverine - but not a single UFO (or bigfoot) that would change their career and make them the most famous photographer alive.

    Yes, I am a Christian and believe in the God of the Bible. But ghosts like the silly ghost hunting shows look for? Not a chance.
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  20. Bigfoot

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    Afton NY
    Here hear ! Buga buga Lol!
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