Ben Avery Shooting Range in peril. Possible sale.

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    Firearms Action Committee - Tucson
    P.O. Box 27321
    Tucson, Arizona 85726

    August 5, 2002

    >From the desk of Ken Rineer, President


    The sale of Ben Avery to Del Webb

    The Arizona Game & Fish Department is considering an offer from Del Webb to
    sell off the Ben Avery Range at $100K per acre, or at least portions of it.

    To avoid massive crowds of Phoenix-area shooters spoiling their plans, Game
    & Fish has scheduled the meeting in Flagstaff.

    The meeting will be held at the Woodlands Radisson Hotel, 1175 West Route
    66, Flagstaff, AZ at 9am on Friday August 9th.

    There's a large agenda and they may want to go into executive session when
    they discuss the economic development of Ben Avery Range. (Which in my view
    would be a violation of the Open Meeting Law)

    What do you need to do?

    Be there yourself if you can or at the very least, contact every shooter &
    hunter you know in the Flagstaff area so they can go and show up in mass.

    Contact for the Arizona Department of Game and Fish is as follows:

    2221 W. Greenway Road
    Phoenix, Arizona 85023-4399

    Information ....................................................(602)

    FAX Number (Director's Office) ..................(602) 789-3299

    Duane L. Shroufe, Director............................(602) 789-3278
    Steve Ferrell, Agency Ombudsman ...............(602) 789-3276

    Region I
    2878 E. White Mountain Blvd.
    Pinetop, Arizona 85935 ................................(928) 367-4281

    Region II
    3500 S. Lake Mary Rd.
    Flagstaff, Arizona 86001-9342.....................(928) 774-5045

    Region III
    5325 N. Stockton Hill Rd.
    Kingman, Arizona 86401-5499 ....................(928) 692-7700

    Region IV
    9140 E. County 10 1/2 St.
    Yuma, Arizona 85365-3596 .........................(928) 342-0091

    Region V
    555 N. Greasewood
    Tucson, Arizona 85745-3612 .......................(520) 628-5376

    Region VI
    7200 E. University
    Mesa, Arizona 85207-6502 ..........................(480) 981-9400
    Human Resources Office ...............................(602) 789-3326
    Rules Office...................................................(602) 789-3289
  2. this has been in the works for awhile now, before they wanted to simply shut the range down because they said it was noise pollution, they claimed that the firing could be heard on Anthem rd. which is a good 5 to 10 mile up the I-17, once they realized that no one was gonna buy that line, they decided they'd would take bids on the place and sell it off.


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    Regardless of the reason. Still have to try and stop it. I posted it in various forums to see if maybe it would get some gun owners stirred up enough to call. You do not have to be from the area.
  4. i'm definatly gonna call, ben avery is an awsome place to shoot, everyone that works there is more than willing to help out a shooter, or help a new shooter learn the tricks of the trade, not to mention the next closest outdoor range is in mesa that i know of, c'mon guys start calling and writing!!!!.
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    although it will fall on deaf ears, I'll throw my hat in the fight as a former AZ dweller.
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    ben avery is the largest publicly owned shooting range in the country. it would suck to have it shut down. im gonna do my part.
  7. I knew it was just a matter of time when Maricopa County Parks and Recreation allowed the Game and Fish to take it over because they were losing money that the inevitable would happen.

    Even if they feel enough pressure not to begin closing it after this next meeting people will begin squeeling that the range is inside Phoenix city limits. And, with the area developing home sites in the I-17 and Carefree Highway area, the home owners will scream it's in an unsafe location.

    I remember when the owners of Pioneer History Museum Village and the adjoining trailer park tried their dangest to close it down because of the proximity. And, that samll group of citizens darn near got it done. They cited, as one of their issues, that a resident at the trailer park found a large dent in the side of their vehicle caused by gun shot.

    Although it was never proven it was a lob shot from Avery it was considered a very viable suggestion.

    I think a possible solution to this might be striking up a deal with the city of Peoria and move the range west of the intersection of Lake Pleasant Road and Carefree Highway near the old west town and Canyon Raceway. It's remote enough yet accessable to the valley shooters.

    I will, however, make my telephone call.....fer sure.

    Thanks for the heads up.
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    Good news. The AZ Game & Fish Department today declared that it was a false rumor. They never had the intention of selling off the land. It was in the Arizona Republic newspaper. I do not believe them. Maybe they received a lot of calls.

    But on another note. I was discussing the issue with a friend from work. He told me that the Navajo Tribal Council had discussed this matter. My friend is a Medicine Man and when he is off from work he spends all of his spare time at the Reservation. OK, the deal was if the deal went through to sell off Ben Avery or part of the land to Del Web they (Navajo Nation) would consider building a shooting range on the reservation.( I do not know the legal issues in this matter.) Either use the Ben Avery name or another. He told me that they had discussed a possible location in Chinle (central location in the Navajo Nation). They already have a shooting facility there for the Navajo police. They also have motel accommodations. Another more plausible site would be near Winslow. But that right now they're in the process of voting on members of the Tribal Council. My friend is not a member of the Tribal Council. He said this was just talk. Nothing official. But an idea that they threw around.

    Not a bad idea though. No whinny low lifes to complain about the shooting range. Same whinny low lifes that move next to an air base then complain about the jet air craft flying overhead.
  9. Well, that saves me from making that call today.....thanks for the heads up Yanqui...fer sure.

    The idea of a range on the Navajo Nation....hours away for most not the wisest of proposals.

    It's a generous offer if it was made but the length of time to travel for a few hours of fun, to me, just doesn't make sense.

    I even shudder when my wife wants me to drive her up to see the family up there.....I love the's just that the drive, for me, is too long.

    Heck, I won't even take my boat to Lake Powell unless it's at least a three day weekend, lol.

    But, I sure am glad that the sale of Avery is just a rumor.

    As far as the AZ Republic goes......I would rather read Mad Magazines than read them. In fact, Mad might even be more believable.

    It's not uncommon with any media, but the Republic sure likes to play up any violence....especially if it involves guns, cops or do-gooders. God help you if you happen to be right because the Republic will crucify you anyway.
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    Have you ever been to the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico? That is out in the middle of nowhere and the drive is very long. It's at the Northwest corner of the state.

    I see Ben Avery Shooting Facility going away from its present site within 10 years. The development in the area is growing. Where do you suppose they move it to? Somewhere desolate? It was somewhere desolate. I remember the only buildings in the area 20 years ago was the bar and skydiving school. Frankly money talks and BS walks. The developers have the money and the gun owners/shooters are all basically BS. We have millions of gun owners and only 3 million or so NRA members. I better stop here or I'll write something down that will upset someone.

    Right now It takes me 45 minutes or more to find open range to go shooting. The Buckeye area is growing and the shooting spots are gone. Deep Rainbow Valley is no longer open range. You can't go north, south, east, or west if you live in the Phoenix area.
    Even in Buckeye you have to drive quite a distance to find a place to shoot. Out towards the nuclear plant the area is growing. Jim Crews from Marksman Enterprises planned on having a shooting range out between Buckeye and the nuclear plant. His neighbor did not like the idea of a shooting range there. So the guy bought the land from Jim Crews. Jim Crews could have stayed (it was zoned for it) but he decided to take the money and moved to Montana.

    I hope they go through with it. Put it near Winslow and when Ben Avery dies it can be resurrected where they can't touch it.