Beretta Tomcat 32 acp for pocket carry ??

Discussion in 'CCW' started by jwrauch, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. TheWall

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    I have one and don't carry it anymore. It's actually my second one. The first one developed a crack in part of the frame. I sent it to Beretta and they sent me a new one. Accuracy beyond 3 yards is horrible. Like mentioned it's better than nothing.
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  2. mollysdaddy

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    I would feel almost completely unarmed if I were carrying a Bobcat .32 acp.

  3. jwrauch

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    Yeah, I know, if it's caliber doesn't begin with a 4 you might as well be un-armed !!!
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  4. Outpost75

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    I replaced my Beretta 3032 Tomcat with a Ruger LCP .380 which I use for deep concealment if I want more rounds available quickly than my Bond Arms .45 ACP Roughneck. Neither is primary, of course. I have a 3-inch Ruger Speed Six for that.
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  5. blaster

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    a few months ago I bought my first .32 acp pistol. a Italian police trade in Beretta 81. I posted another thread about it. its a great shooter, accurate way beyond belly gun distance and the little .32 is like shooting a .22. although it is the same size and capacity as my more powerful 9x18 CZ 82, I carried it a few times. then one day at the range I experienced the dreaded RIM LOCK ! what a pita! of course it only happened with the hollow point bullets that I wanted to carry. anyway, it made me not want to CC the .32 any more. still a lot of fun to shoot and cheap to reload.
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  6. Outpost75

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    .32 ACP bullets which are fragile enough to expand will not give adequate penetration. In factory loads you are much better off with CIP-specification 73-grain Euro hardball:
  7. jwrauch

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    Being retired I don't have unlimited funds to constantly trade in guns and be able to do anything else. I have read enough articles that go the other way to not worry. I also have a kahr CW9 that I sometimes carry depending on dress and circumstances.
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  8. ChaZam

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    Haha, I know what you mean John. ;) The thugs out there that need to be shot don't want to get shot with any of those cartridges no matter if they start with a 5, or a 4, or a 3, or a 2, or even an itty bitty 1 do they ? ? ?
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  9. mitchr

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    As Outpost says, if I carried my .32, it'd be with ball ammo. You can, however, insert an adapter in the mag to allow carrying .32 hollow points. It goes behind the ammo, forcing them all forward in the mag. Some make it out of a paperclip. An alternative is hollow points in the chamber & top round, then ball for rest of the mag.

    IMO, a .32 is good for carry, based on shot placement, but I'd only carry one as a deep concealment pistol, such as pocket carry, etc. My .32 is a Bersa & no easier to conceal than my Bersa .380 or the P938 Sig that I carry, so no reason to do so.
  10. Ranger4

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    Depends a lot on your travels and what your likely risk will be. I carried small 22s, 25s, and 32s and the 22 mag NAA for backup in law enforcement and personal carry as well. If I am must running 2 miles down to my local grocery or out plowing, I may carry one of the small ones. I have a 32 Seacamp and like it it well, except they have zero sights. It is a 10 foot or less gun. As a cop we always had the idea that it would never come out unless you lost your primary or got pinned on the ground or some other bad scenario. The plan was to empty it into the face of the attackers to get them off of you so you could recover your gun or at least buy yourself some space. So, I have no problem with my little 32 or 22 Mag if I am just making a short trip where I never expect trouble.

    If I am hiking or walking where I may get attacked by a couple pit bulls or on a street where local gangs drive by, then I am taking a bigger gun. The higher the risk, the bigger the gun and higher the capacity. I do keep a bigger gun in the truck so that is where I go if the little one runs dry. You could stop any carjacker or mugger with one, but what if there are 2 of them and they are both armed? Just a thought but everyone has a different comfort level and skill level. Jerry McCulek could probably do OK with a 22.

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  11. BigEd63

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    Had a Tomcat ...once.
    Previously owned a 21A .22lr and recently acquired a replacement.
    But back to the Tomcat.
    As per my shooting drill with the 21A draw and fire until empty or threat stopped....the Tomcat's firing pin broke i less than 50rds.
    Got it repaired and sold/traded it off at first opportunity to do so.
  12. Rick Dangerous

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    My .32 Tomcat is still my main CC pocket pistol. I realize there are much better/newer/more powerful guns now but i just like it, it has character and i've put many rounds through it over the years at the range. I'm accurate up to 20-30 feet with it and i don't think it's range is really supposed to be much more than that. White dots on the site would have been nice but what can you do.

    That being said if i were looking for a pocket pistol now it seems like their is a lot more compact stuff in 9mm.
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  13. Ranger4

    Ranger4 G&G Evangelist

    Why I think you Tomcat is OK.

    When I was a young cop, everyone wanted the new (then) J frame model 36, later the model 60, Smith and Wesson J frame. They were hard to find and many cops carried the similar Charter Arms Undercover. The guns sold for about $89 and $69 respectively. Nobody wanted anything less powerful. Some of us like me even carried both 22s and 25s for that use.

    Then along came the micro-guns with new ammo that would expand dramatically. They told us that the 32 acp would expand and have penetration equal to many 380 loads. I was a federal agent working deep cover during some of those years. The Seacamp 380 was the gun to have, stainless steel, 10.5 ounces and no sights whatsoever. The effective range was about 10 feet for a head shot, maybe. Those guns were so rare they sold for double the MSRP, $1,000 was a normal price. I have one and carried it a lot. That was a lot of money 20-30 years ago.

    Then the whole concept of police weaponry changed. We went from 8 shot 1911s and 6 shot 357 duty guns to 15 or more rounds of 9mm. So the need for the extra rounds in the pocket gun were less needed. The mouse guns then became a last ditch tool for those times when the duty gun got loose from the officer.

    The pocket gun (where most cops carried them just for functional use) were then once again a martial arts tools. As I taught in my CCW classes defensive handgun use is not a shooting sport nor is it a range game, it is a martial art. Whatever the gun, its' role is to stop an aggressor, and because handguns have such low power, it is like a small club, as the aggressor attacks you just start whacking her (sic) anywhere you can to stop or slow the attack as you get away. If they have things to throw or shoot you with you will need to whack them many times as far away as you can while you get out of harm's way.

    So, then the CCW proliferation across the country. Now many people carry and the tiny guns are just so small and easy to carry every day, everywhere, cop or not. The tiny 380s now weigh about the same as the earth shattering Seacamp, they have sights and can be effective out to maybe 25 yards. My LCP Custom can shoot 2 inch groups at 50 feet, amazing.

    So, enter the Tomcat, close to the 380 in power and an excellent Beretta quality and design. Within the effectiveness of the 32, nothing wrong with it at all. As always the tool you need should drive the job that day. If in bear country, drag out the 44, if in a big city pull out something that holds 15 rounds.

    Being long since retired I have several small guns, I have the Glock 42, 43, LCP, several J frames and others. The Glock 43 is a great little gun, mine has night sights also. It weighs 17 ounces I think. It is in the safe, I carry the Keltec Pf9 ,9mm. It weighs 12 ounces with the empty mag, is slightly smaller than the Glock and holds 8 rounds where the Glock only holds 6 +1. To me the smaller and lighter gun with one extra round makes a difference.

    Would I carry the Seacamp again, sure. Mowing the place or walking/hiking on a park trail, no problem. The risk might be a bad dog, coyote or mugger, all very close encounters. 3-4 rounds out of the 32 acp is not to be ignored.

    Anyway, if it works for you and you shoot it well as you said, do not be concerned with others who do not agree. Of course choose the bigger gun if you have a bigger threat that day. End of dissertation. Enjoy your Tomcat.
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