Beretta Tomcat 32 ACP

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by KidKwiK, May 23, 2002.

  1. KidKwiK

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    Just wondering if any one has this gun and how well it works/fires/accuracy and any comments would help before considering my purchase, thanks!
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    I,ve got two. Aim is good, however I had to adjust the sights on both. My wife uses one and loves it. I use mine for plinking and carry when the G30 or Para-Ord is a little big for the clothes. The only thing I did not like was thr trigger pull. I knew the double action would suck, but I thought single action would be better. However, after 100-150 rounds, I have a trigger I can live with. If you are looking for a very small gun with a punch, You will like the 3032. I do have a suggestion, spend the extra bucks and get the INOX, WIDE BODY. It's better looking and "feels" a little better.

    I hope this helps......Chris :target:

  3. Mike the JAG

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    I've had one for several years, carried it daily and fired it a lot. I like mine. It is reliable, accurate and easy to carry. The trigger will wear in, the trick is to shoot it plenty. Sellier & Bellot FMJ from Cheaper Than Dirt is inexpensive and it is quality stuff. Buy a bunch of it and shoot until you really get to know the Tomcat. I think you'll like it.
  4. KidKwiK

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    Thanks guys for the comments I think I'll go with this purchase.
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    i just bought 2 barreta tomcat inox...baretta stopped making them for a bit due to war contracts...inox is italian for stainless steel...but i heard baretta fixed the problems?...the inox is not supposed to jam or crack if you fire standard fmj if someone has such a's probably from p+ loads that are best left to revolvers...

    i don't understand the inox finish? it solid stainless steel?...or just a surface powder coat finish that can scratch off?...the customer service guy at barreta didn't know...i havn't recieved the guns yet...does anyone know how many rounds it takes to wear this gun out?
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