Berkeley ordinance would ban all but politically correct coffee

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    As I sit here cleaning my "assult" rilfe, my "sniper rifle" sits on the teak wood table that I had to slash and burn a few hundred acres of rain forest to get made. My Man servent and gun berrer (Gurka) whom I purchased from a muslim tribe for 6 lepord skins and some elaphent tusk has just told me that my choice of coffee may make me politicaly incorrect...I was so shocked that ANYONE could ever think that I would do anything politicaly insensative...I imedialy slapped wifee poo for haveing coffee that was so "Moraly wrong" called my travel agent and canceled my planed trip to personaly place the radtion detectors I purchased from that Commie Pinko russian ..gimpy I belife I called him...on the Heroshema Mamorial and to Arrange for me and Bill Clinton to swing by the coffee produceing countries to investigate this issue...with a stop over in cuba for some cigars of course. I mean in a world with so many things that are wrong...we can not sit idely by and let companies sell the wrong coffee. I ofcourse Called several congressmen that I purchased from a former Enron executive and told them I expect them to form a blue ribbon pannel to look into this... Im just so thankfull that the problems of the world have been solved except this one.

    Berkeley ordinance would ban all but politically correct coffee

    San Francisco Chronicle
    June 21, 2002
    By Charles Burress, Chronicle Staff Writer

    Berkeley -- Berkeley, a place passionate about coffee and progressive politics, could become the only city in the nation to ban coffee not grown with strict protections for workers and the environment. The proposed ban -- contained in an initiative crafted by a lawyer one year out of law school -- has gathered enough valid signatures to qualify for the November ballot, City Clerk Sherry Kelly announced Thursday. It would require all cups of coffee sold in the city to be "fair trade," organic or "shade-grown." It would not apply to beans or ground coffee sold in bags, however. Violators would be guilty of a misdemeanor and could face $100 fines and six months in jail. The issue has created a special buzz in Berkeley, which fed leaders of the Beat generation their caffeine and hosts one of the nation's highest concentrations of coffee houses.
    "When I'm drinking my coffee, I'd rather not be destroying the environment or exploiting workers," said Berkeley lawyer Rick Young, 36, who graduated last year from UC Berkeley's Boalt law school, where he wrote a paper on the legality of such a law. He turned in petitions containing about 3,000 signatures Monday.
  2. we need a full scale invasion of this state as i feel this is the only thing that can stop such BS nonsense from taking place, those of us here in the "underground" will be patiently waiting.
    were's my gun?


  3. Can we

    Can we paint a huge Bullseye over the city of Berkely and hope the aliens or the Chi Coms nail it?

    Praying for the big one to drop Comifornia into the ocean....
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    Actually we need just the opposite. If all the law abiding tax paying citizens suddenly left PRK, the resulting economic vacuum would so devastate them that the welfare sponges would dry up and blow away. With no one left to rob, they'd start feeding on themselves. The feds would have to come in and clean up the mess, and the state govt would be convulsed so bad that they'd do anything to get their tax base back, including betraying their cause for socialism. Greed is always a great motivator. Hit em where it counts. You start moving more law abiding citizens in now, the libs would just make more illegals into voting citizens and let them vote against ya.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Man, what a bunch of pablum, puking liberals! How can these idiots even stand to look at themselves in the mirror? I stay away from Kalifornia because I know d a m n well I'd wind up in jail !
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    Completely assinine! typical PRK liberals - please, please fall into the ocean - were's the big one when you need it!

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    I still say all gunowners meet at the prk border and jump up and down until it breaks off and floats or sinks!
  8. Thats a good idea BenP but the scum here in PRK have the uniqe abillity to migrate unlike your normal run of the mill scum, see they've been doing since the 60's when all the descent folk moved out of the innercities here in Los Angeles after WW2 all the scum moved in or was left there in the first place, but then when they started moving into the newer 'burbs such as venice beach hollywood ect. this term here is commonly known as "White flight", but it's not only whites who fly the coop, any upper class people do it, and now they're backed into a corner, they can't go west, kinda hard to build on water, can't go south anymore. we're almost to San Diego, north and east are too expensive even for the upper class now, so it's time they figured out what they're gonna do.
    I stand by my idea, we need an invasion, they may start feeding on each other, but the majority will surely move to were the prey are, we need to invade with law abiding, freedom loving citizens and aridicate this vermin, and their liberal and socialist allies!!!!!.
  9. I wonder if the Air Force has any extra practice bombs laying around somewhere? ;)

    Ya ya just kiddin. I wonder if he had a good caffine buzz going when he came up with the idea?
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    Of course the main question for the LA elite is - "What will this do to my Starbucks stock?" And, is Juan Valdez out of a job now?
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    8mm,I would be happy to help liberate the PRK,but,not too early in the morning,I like to have a cup of coffee before I do anything, otherwise I'm quite unreasonable.
  12. Is the donkey up for sale? Joe--hopefully sinks with only politicians on board. Hang on to that pre-ban coffee folks the price is bound to go up.:D
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    Pre Ban Coffee... Then you got PRE-BAN HI-capacity coffee makers...assult coffee makers...assult bean grinders....Police/Goverment only coffee....and God Forbid Tapco selling Surpluss Coffee....found in a soviet bunker and stored for 50 years Good to very good condition.....FFL/C&R Required.
  14. Hummm-You have a good point. Vintage Russian Blend--could be a hit.
  15. NRAJOE

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    Yeah man, that pre-ban stuff is some good sh*t man! $100.00 a pound man!
  16. This is coffee we are talking about--right.
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    Its all Columbian dude!
  18. Ok let me guess Juan, the donkey and home grown columbian-----------coffee. Get's me going in the mornings. High octane caffine.
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    Enough of that "coffee" and that burro starts looking pretty good up here all alone in these mountains!
  20. Survival food. Tastes like turkey.