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  1. I just must get your thoughts on the following statement from Fed chief Bernanke.

    In Saturday's New York Times Bernanke issued the following statement from the banker's Wyoming retreat.


    Well, after Bernanke's holding forth the FED as the great fine tuner and go ahead forward mechanism of the American economy this just about made me fall from my chair.

    Interested in your thoughts - Is Bernanke getting ready to put the blame on what most feel will be a worsening economic situation at someone else's door? Big hint - he has already given out little sound bites that the American middle class is not doing its job by not spending enough.

    So. please share.

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    Just some observations from what I see all around the nation from my street level eye view from the transportation industry. I see an ever increasing amount of empty warehouse and commercial production space. Some of it newly built within the last few years that has never been occupied or recently vacated for something smaller or cheaper, and those same developers who can't lease that space building even more. I see billboards all over this country with no clients advertising on them. If you can't afford to advertise, your business is probably legally dead. I see the developers of malls and shopping centers continually being built when the existing ones cannot keep clients in their overpriced locations. The movement of freight has increased over the last 2 or 3 months, but that is just a short term resupply after a longterm sell down on excess inventories.

    Boy, if we could just tempt the consumer to get more upside down financially by borrowing and spending money they don't have things would be great.


  3. Hi ChaZam

    Very good points.

    Four of ten manufacturing jobs no longer exist in America since the passage of NAFTA.

    More and more people are financially beaten before they start off in life in a service economy of lower paying jobs.

    It is neither within the capability of nor in the interest of middle class America to spend themselves into oblivion for the sake of big financial interests and big government.

    SUBMOA G&G Evangelist

    I find the fed reserve chairman a outrageous individual . When questioned on the policys of the fed by us authoritys about where the fed is loaning the us moneys (tarp) he said with a smirk I am not going to tell you. The audit the fed bill was passed unanimously by the senate. It passed the republican side of congress unanimously. The democratic controlled majority voted it down. This bill had 320 cosponsers . poll numbers said it was backed by over 70% of americans. Yet the dems. killed it. Nov. 2 2010 its coming !
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    Beware of October. a "crisis" declared by Obama requiring him to declare Martial Law could allow him to postpone the elections indefinitely.
  6. Well There He Goes Again

    SUBMOA, good post!

    Just several days ago, he said that the Central Bank still has varies means of dealing with the economy!!

    All that he can do, is to purchase federal notes and bonds when there is no one left to buy them....

    Just another vague announcement will the ship is badly listing...
  7. That is what everyone thought Bush would do. It won't happen!
  8. Hi Blueice

    Excellent point about the ship listing.

    We must look to Japan. Their central bank is loaning money to Japan's banking entities at zero percent interest yet Japan remains in a deflationary trend.

    I look to Bernanke to start and really to start soon to point the finger of blame at another party or parties. He is positioning himself to do just that act.

    It is not the fault of the American citizens for what is happening in America no more than it is the fault of the Japanese citizens for what is happening in Japan.
  9. Good Afternoon, Sir Nathan!

    If rates are not increased after the November elections, then it tells me that Uncle Ben has absolutely no confidence in the current recovery...

    It will take business and consumers three to five years to repair their balance statements.
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    Until EVERY person paying taxes in the United States fully understands that the Federal Reserve Bank is a PRIVATE CORPORATION that loans money to the US Treasury, at interest, and the FED Chairman is a PR man for the bankster cabal, there will be NO remedy of the economic chaos in this nation.

    Japan has been sliding down the devaluation slope for the last 15 years. We are in the same position they were 10 years ago, with no hope of it being revived as long as Congress allows the banksters to control our economic system.:eek:

    The federal govt. is busily rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, while the ship is taking on water (in the form of debt).
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    Works for the gummint,but,oh yeah,if we print money it's couterfeit and we go to prison.:confused: