Best .22lr ammo out there

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    Hey there guys and gals,

    Recently I purchased my self a CZ 455 Lux. I never owned a .22lr rifle before, so i have been doing some testing on what kind of ammo my rifle likes to be fed.

    So far Iv tried a wide variety of ammo, and made some observations on the quality of the ammo before it gets fired and also after.

    Now before I come to any conclusions, I would like to hear......

    What 22lr ammo do you recommend?
    1. Target shooting
    2. Hunting

    Also please make the recommendations affordable, iv seen stuff as cheap as $2.50 a box of 50 bullets to as much as $32.00 for 5o bullets. I dont mind paying up to $5-6, but rather not as im sure there is good stuff for $3 for example, Im not entering any competitions this is just recreational usage.

    Thank you
  2. My absolute favorite .22lr is Federal Lightning, 40gr round nose, at walmart for $1.77 ($1.47 at some walmarts). Yeah it may be cheap but I've never had a jam, misfire or anything. The BEST .22lr out there is probably Lapua or RWS but that stuff is really expensive. I recommend trying Federal, Winchester or CCI. I stay away from Remington .22lr as it is really bad quality, mostly the Remington Golden Bullets and Thunderbolts. CCI standard velocity tends to be really accurate in most rifles, but its around $7 to $8 for 100. Good luck with your new rifle.

  3. dman24

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    My 10/22 likes the Super Sniper Subsonic I believe it's called. It's a 60 grain bullet, and a squirrel won't move if you make a head shot. I think I paid $7 for a box of 50. My little gun will put all the bullets in one ragged hole at 25 yards with no mods. It is nasty ammo though. Different guns like different ammo, and will shoot to a different zero in some cases. Just buy a couple of boxes at a time until you find one that your rifle likes. Most .22 bullets are suitable for squirrel and rabbit hunting, and you can use the same stuff for plinking.
  4. Only your individual .22 LR will be able to tell you what is the best .22 LR ammo for it. I have been involved in shooting .22 LR's for competition in one form or another since 1991, and each and every .22 LR Handgun or Rifle is a totally different firearm.

    However in all the different .22 LR Handguns and Rifles I have tested since 1991 there are a couple standouts that seem to perform good (maybe not the best in each one) but good in a variety of .22's. I have had very good results with Wolf Match Target .22 LR Ammo in several different .22's. In fact in the .22 LR's I have tested it in it is generally in the top 3 or 4 choices for each one.

    As per a Hollow Point, quite a few different .22 LR's I have tested have shot quite well with Winchester 40gr. Power Point Hollow Points. My current .22's are the exception to this and believe it or not but they prefer Remington BULK Golden Bullet Hollow Points.

  5. Those Super Sniper Subsonics will not stabilize out of the 1-16" twist that most all .22's have. You must have gotten lucky.
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    As already said, your gun is the only one who knows what ammo it prefers. I have had good luck with CCI. velocitors in most of my .22's and also Winchester xpert's shoot good also, Try as many as you can afford and when you find the one's that shoot the best, stock up on them......
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    Keep in mind that a pistol will appreciate pistol ammo for the faster powder. I like match pistol for my short barrels.
  8. Gray Wolf

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    +1 on the Remington bulk golden hollow point ammo.
    My rifles like it the most out of all that I have tried.
  9. You must not have tried very many types. :lol:
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    Every rimfire is different. Try several loads and see what your gun likes.
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    I didn't even realize that wisconsinhunter. Is the rifling not fast enough to stabilize the bullet. And I found out they are called Sniper Subsonics. They are Aguilla's. I am glad I got lucky, I sure do like those bullets.
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    How about splitting the recommendations into most preferred bulk ammo, and most preferred high quality ammo.

    Bulk; Federal 36 gr either 375 or 550 count boxes
    Quality: CCI stingers

    Although accurate, I'm prejudiced against the Remington "golden bullets" because they are nasty dirty compared to Federal or Winchester bulk. I gave a way 2 boxes for that reason and replaced them with Federal.
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  13. Bulk: Tough one.....Its a toss up between Winchester 333/555, Federal Lightning and Federal 550 count.

    "Quality": Well I really don't shoot this stuff because there is no need, just a waste of money in my mind..unless you're in competitions. It would probably be CCI Standard Velocity.
  14. BarryHalls

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    For hunting and plinking I like the 555rd box for $13 from walmart. It's federal high velocity HP. Good, accurate, squirrel killing stuff. For self defense (NOT want you want to run through your pistol every day) I like the CCI mini mags, round nose. Hot as heck, and enough power to punch through a rib and still leave an exit wound.
  15. The 555's are Winchester 36gr hollow points. The one you're talking about are in 550 round boxes, and they're about $18 now.
  16. big boomer

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    Fed. Classics and Remington match in my guns.
  17. SilverRun

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    Believe it or not, I find the Wolf .22lr to be the most accurate in most of my rifles. The cheap federal champion is pretty good to.
  18. How is that hard to believe? Wolf .22lr is match grade german ammo. :irked:
  19. SilverRun

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    I just said it was the most accurate in my rifles! why the nasty face? Most Wolf ammo is cheap plinking junk - But, I just said the .22lr is good stuff.
  20. It wasn't meant to be a nasty face, just a...curious one so to say...The Wolf centerfire is made in Russia. While the Wolf rimfire is made in Germany, as it is very high quality. :shrug: