Best 308 cal factory load

Discussion in 'Big Game Hunting' started by jperry, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. jperry

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    folks I appreciate the advice on the core-lokt vs UMC question. Would like to some advise on the best factory load for deer hunting. Figured I'd get some input before I go out and start buying a bunch of different loads/makers.

  2. stinkybriches

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    i like federal fusion. if i wasnt able to use my reloads for deer thats what i would use. next would be hornady. the previously mentioned winchester ammo was more accurate in my .270 than the grey boxed stuff.
    for deer in .308 win id say anything 150 grains or bigger will work.
    if you want every last bit of accuracy you can squeeze out of your rifle your gonna have to try different weights and styles of bullets from all the different brands.
  3. Fusion, they expand well. They will beat the other two. The 7mm WSM I used to have liked them.
  4. samuel

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    The bonded bullets work well and all I have seen shoot good altho your individual rifle might do better with one than it will with another,but it won't be much difference.The biggest difference will be in POI,so if you change brands you will probably have to readjust sights to get center again.Group size won't usually be much change.I like 150gr in .308/.30-06 but often with the standard twist of 1:10" something like 165/180gr is a shade more accurate and will do the job with a decent bullet placement. ,,,sam.
  5. SwedeSteve

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    ^ Have to agree with Sam on the 165-180gr recommendation.
  6. FortyXDM

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    Gotta agree with Sam and Swede - Best thing to do is "shoot" and record the results. The more accurate load will soon show, and if it is a hunting bullet, you should have zero problem with a well placed shot on deer.

    Good luck :)
  7. Couldn't tell ya haven't fired a factory 308 shell in 15 years, I reload and find that by reloading I get better accuracy than factory loads. But my Mauser with the Remington barrel in it will shoot half inch groups or less at 100 yards with 150gr Sierra Gamekings. And it kills deer dead as anything else.
  8. FloridaBoy

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    I use the 150 gr. Remington Core Lokt SP and the 150 gr. Winchester Super X and have never had a problem with either!
  9. samuel

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    You're a good man and know what you're doing.(but not crazy like some I could mention) ,,,sam.
  10. FloridaBoy

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    Yea..i mean they get the job done just as good as these expensive rounds i.e. ballistic tips?? my rem 700 in .308 hates all those ballistic tip rounds..they jam my gun after shooting since theyre hot rounds..but thats just my 2 cents..
  11. lefty o

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    deer arent too tough to kill, find a 150gr or heavier expanding bullet that shoots well in your rifle, and you'll have no problems.
  12. xSephirothx

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    I have a Sako Finnlight chambered in 300 win mag and I have used the Winchester Super X 150 gr Power Point, and at 100 yds they shot well less than 1" but at 200 yds it was up to 3"
    The Federal Fusions 180 gr did pretty much the same thing .
    The Hornady 150 gr BTSP InterLock did much better, keeping the 1 MOA up to 300 yds . As did the Winchester 180 gr Ballistic Silvertip. I was shooting all this off of a lead sled on a calm day with plenty of time inbetween shots to allow the rifle to cool off. But from what I understand the same bullet can do completely different things from rifle to rifle.