best 9mm pocket pistol

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  1. What is a good, light, 9mm pistol, meant for pocket carry?

    does a shortened barrel sap power like a .38 snub decreases energy vs. 4"+ barrels?

    I want a pocket pistol. I don't want .380 ACP. Thus, I want something adequate like 9mm x 19.

  2. Glock 26 subcompact is really popular and the Smith & Wesson 9mm compact and the XD subcompact are the others in the pile.

  3. i have heard good reports of khar 9mm's.... around here, the cops are getting them for backup.... or is it spelled kahr?
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  4. Palladin8

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    About the smallest and lightest 9mm that I am aware of is the Keltec PF-9. The Taurus PT709 Slim is approx. the same size and the PF-9 but weighs in a little more. They are the slimist and most compact I have found on the market. The Glock, Kahr, Springfield, and others all are much wider as they are double stack.
    As far as the ballistics are concerned you will see a slight drop in velocity from a 4" barrel to a 2.5" to 3" barrel that the pocket pistols have. The short automatic calibers use fast burning powders and make use of the short distance.
  5. cjleete

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    The 9mm short barrels don't shed velocity as dramatically as .38 special, faster burning powders in a higher pressure cartridge sees to that. G26 is kinda fat, but should fit in jacket pocket if your're not too small a person. You can't go wrong with either recommendation in this thread so far.
  6. mc24

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    kel-tec pf9

    these are great little guns. i got 2 and they both shoot accurate. and for the price, cant go wrong with them.
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    The only reason to buy a Kahr over a Keltec is the Kahr Black Rose...but you'll cough up around $1000.

    I'd rather pay $300 for a Keltec ;)
  8. srt 10 jimbo

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    I picked the Taurus Pt 709 slim. Glad I did! (now if they only made some night sights)
  9. BarryHalls

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    There are actually a lot of good ways to go here

    my 2 favorites are the sub compact XDs and Kahrs.

    XD is a little cheaper and lighter, Kahr is a little smaller

    Glock is a decent pistol as well, but I wouldn't keep one in the chamber if it were literally in my pocket.
  10. Rex_Lee

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    Taurus PT709 Slim. I have had mine for about 6 months now and am loving it. Very accurate for a compact, and not a single FTF for me in a couple hundred rounds.
  11. FS00008

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    I like the Kahr PM9, but I picked up one in .40 actually, I much prefer .40 to 9MM
  12. srt 10 jimbo

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    Taurus dose have the 740 slim out now in .40 cal
  13. jmp8927

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    Kel-Tec PF-9. THE thinnest, lightest 9mm on the market today.
  14. hack1911

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    The Springfield EMP would be a great choice, if you're willing to spend the cash.
  15. BarryHalls

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    Or the Para Ordnace pocket 1911s. They make some that are double stack spur-less, really intended for pockets.

    Also, I didn't think to mention before, YES a shorter barrle saps you power, BUT there are rounds specially designed for short barrels, using super fast burning powders and quality hollow points.

    That said, I always say, carry the biggest thing you can comfortably conceal.