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Best all around caliber for North American hunting.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Dan22, May 1, 2009.

  1. Dan22

    Dan22 G&G Evangelist

    It drives me crazy to see how many different caliber rifles there are to hunt deer or other N. American game.
    Is there a chart somewhere that matches game types to calibers?
    I've often thought a 30-06, with a choice of loadings, would pretty much cover anything we would run into from Florida to Alaska.

  2. ArkansasHunter

    ArkansasHunter G&G Newbie

    Drives me Crazier !!! You can go to Cartridge manufactures websites such as Remington who matches game to caliber.
    The 30-06 seems to be the standard for all around game in the lower 48 states but I think the 35 Wheelen would do nicely in all 50...A.H
  3. Dan22

    Dan22 G&G Evangelist

    AH, what do they hunt in Hawaii?

    Sure hope they don't target practice on those Yummy Pineapples.
  4. squirrelblaster

    squirrelblaster G&G Newbie Forum Contributor

    best all around for N.American hunting i would say has got to be either the 30-30 or maybe 30-06, they maybe to big for some of the smaller game.. but i would rather have enough gun to take the big stuff.
  5. BaserRonin

    BaserRonin G&G Evangelist

    Anything from 25-06 and larger would be the perfect all around caliber for N. America. Once you get to the "enough gun" point, and are legal to hunt with it everywhere, there is no further clear answer.

    Actually, I think it is pretty neat we have enough options that we actually get to make a choice on what the perfect all-around hunting caliber is! The fact that this is even a question gives me the warm and fuzzies.
  6. andrew cochran

    andrew cochran G&G Newbie

    .30-06, .300 wm, and .45/70, good for all north american game.

    Big magnums just aren't needed.
  7. FortyXDM

    FortyXDM Super Moderator Staff Member

    Out of an abundance of caution is am going to announce a SH*T STORM ALERT...........


  8. andrew cochran

    andrew cochran G&G Newbie

    Yeah well I don't mind.

    All three of those calibers would take a Grizzly, some close range, and some not as good as others.

    My favorite would be the .300 win mag.
  9. Midas

    Midas Chief Troll B' Gone Forum Contributor

    One rifle to do it all? that's awfully boring, but if I had to pick just one for hunting NA game outside of bison and large bears it would be the 30-06 or .300 Win Mag, if you include the big nasties I would rather have a medium bore like the .338 Win Mag, I'm too much of a coward to chase anything that could bite or stomp me with a marginal cartridge.
  10. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    You say caliber which is already established as .30cal.But if you talk cartridge it would have to be .12ga as it will handle anything from bobwhite quail to the meanest grizzly.And this from a rifleman! sam.
  11. Sir Elwood

    Sir Elwood G&G Newbie

    How 'bout the good ole 7mm remington mag. !
  12. WLew

    WLew G&G Newbie

    I'll have to agree with Sam. I too am a rifleman but for all around use anywhere in N.A. I'd have to say a 12ga. If you can't kill it with a 12ga then you don't need to be shooting at it with anything short of a 20mm cannon. But if you boys are strictly talking about rifle calibers I'd say a 338 win mag, you can load 180 grain bullets for the smaller stuff and 250 grainers for the stuff that bites back.
  13. nathangdad

    nathangdad G&G Newbie

    The .30-06

    has a record that cannot be questioned. It is versatile in a very wide range of bullet weights.
  14. Metronome

    Metronome G&G Newbie

    I always wished I could have a golf bag type setup while I am roaming the woods for game; if I run into a .25-06 situation I can be just as prepared as a .45-70 event. Of course it would help significantly if I could get someone else to carry it for me, and all of my game animals would count to twenty once I see them.

    Not much more can be said about the dominance, flexibility and effectiveness of the .30-06, even Captain Unconventional himself (myself) had to buy one.
  15. deadzero

    deadzero G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    i think that says it all.
  16. Dan22

    Dan22 G&G Evangelist

    In the west shooters often have to make long-distance shots because it is so open. In the east there is a lot of brush country with much closer shots possible.

    How would a 12 ga. do on Antelope?
  17. deadzero

    deadzero G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    same as if your bowhunting, cept better. unless you all don't bow hunt out there......
  18. Brother Bob

    Brother Bob G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Another consideration Midas is the fact that we're not in our 20's and 30's anymore. I can't run as fast or shinny up a tree, out of harms way nearly as fast as I could back then. When it comes to man vs. beast, I prefer a little added insurance. I also believe in humane kills. I'll leave the lesser calibers to the ones who like to tempt fate and are younger and less knowledgeable of what they are truly up against.
  19. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    How would a bow&arrow,Ruger Blackhawk,T/C contender,or a m1911 .45ACP Colt,do.I have used all of them on antelope at one time or another and they worked very well.I never shot upland game with any of them altho it might be possible with the bow. sam.
  20. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    If you take a questionable shot,don't expect agility to be of much help.Hard to get away from something that can do 35mph when you can only do 15,maybe. sam.
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