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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Logansdad, Jun 25, 2002.

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    A Ruger Mark 2 pistol is an outstanding target sidearm but I wouldn't pick it first if I were going fishing in Grizzly country..:eek: A pump 12 gauge is great for protecting the house but I won't carry one concealed...:p What would you choose for best all around ?....:rolleyes: :fuss: :nod: :target:
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    Either a Browning Hi-Power, or a little out of the relm of the question a T/C Contender (it has interchangable barrels).

  3. This is not to be sarcastic but the best all around weapon, to me, is one I know I can shoot and gives me confidence no matter what the situation is.

    For example, I can't hit jack doodly with a .45 1911 type, my .40 is close to that. But give me my CZ 75B, my Mak 9X18 or my CZ 52 and I'm gonna dust whatever I aim at.

    All three guns and calibers could be argued for, or against, just as vigorously but they give me the confidence knowing I can hit what I aim at. I can double tap all three all day long.

    Conversely, I have buddies that can shoot a .45 like no tomarrow but they lose confidence with other weapons.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    .44mag any GOOD quality gun, can load with softer .44special for plinking, .44 mag for baddies...
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    gotta go with a big-bore wheel gun myself.

  6. Only One ?

    Most of my answers would defeat the spirit of the question: A big-bore revovler that has the ability to shoot more than one cartridge. OR some sort of folding carbine that is now banned, etc. (My dad calls the Ruger Mini-14 a "T/C semi-auto," had to tell that one).

    To answer the question in the proper spirit, I'd go with a 1911 or one of my CZs (probably the .45). I know these pistols best. It seems like a relatively large handgun is the most "all around useful" gun in contemporary America. Magnum revovlers are lot more appealing for big game, of course. It seems very difficult to imagine carrying anything heavier than most .44/.45s (whether in an auto or revolver) at all times in all environments.

    The most all-around useful gun is probably a 9mm or .45 submachine gun, but I thought I was supposed to stay within the realm of possibility for most gun owners...
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    There is no one perfect sidearm....that was part of the point.
  8. Except for the one you needed right then.
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    We're looking for a sidearm that can do it all...Like a Glock model 32....357Sig caliber...10 rounds of 125 grain hollowpoint at 1425 fps in the magazine for dropping Big Aggressive Dogs...Carjackers & Stalkers...small enough to be carried concealed...serious enough to
    make an Entry SWAT Team member want one...
  10. The G32 will certainly get the job done, as will the G23 and several others, as long as you do your part. Last time I checked, the G29 was still available, and ammo is still easy to find... ;)
  11. Allright Glockguy23,

    You nibbled. Now I want your opinion (as an LEO instructor). Isn't the most "all-around useful gun" a 9mm or .45 subgun?

    Otherwise, a big wheelgun?
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    FEG I meant really isn't practical for us civilians to carry concealed MP-5s...I'm not being sarcastic
  13. I thought the whole point was to get a little creative here!

    What I had in mind were the alleged "studies" that demonstrate that subguns have the lowest learning curve. (Taylor, et al.)
  14. You'll have to define "useful", as in for what purpose. For general carry, I subscribe to one belief. Shoot the largest caliber, with the highest capacity, that you can make quick, accurate hits with. Generally this falls into the standard semi-pistol catagory. If the purpose gets into woods carry, etc.... Well, I'm thinking about a Raging Bull in .454 Casull... ;)

    As for the sub gun, well, Give Chuck Taylor his due, but I don't consider everything he says as gospel. Is the sub gun easy to shoot? Sure! Pull the trigger and hang on. Is it easy to shoot effectively and accurately? Well, that takes a bit of practice and a ton of ammo... :)

    Give me a reliable handgun, that I shoot well (for me that would be the Glock 23) and a good 18" pump gun, and I'll handle just about anything in CQB, out to about 75 - 100 yards. Past that, I'll take my Bushmaster or my STG-58.
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    1911. i always envy my dad for his piece. Classic, precise and durable!!
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    How about a Sig Sauer in .357 Sig caliber ?
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  18. Any weapon you're comfortable with and have confidence in will do. For relatively close range I thing a larger caliber wheel gun is the way to go. My personal choice is a S&W Model 19 .357 with a four inch barrel. It's a retired Maryland State Police weapon. I can fire .357 or .38 Special loads. I've been shooting it since about '87. I have confidence in it and it's accuracy and my ability to use it.
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    I've got two Smith .357 Magnum is a 3 inch barreled model 65... the other is a 4 inch 686 plus (7 shooter)