Best binoculars under $200

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    I don't know if this category can even exist, as I am sure for that price range there are limitations on quality and features.

    But given $$ constraints, would you make any recommendations?
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    These are a bit more than you mentioned, but be sure to read the reviews. I own a pair of Steiners (not these) mine are 9x40, but I don't think they make "mine" any more. I bought them at a closeout price, and to the man, everyone who has ever looked through them has been duly impressed. A guide I had did not want to give them back after using them! I DID NOT offer them as a tip, even though I got them for a super deal, I'd still have had to replace them.

    MidwayUSA - Steiner Military Marine Binocular 8x 30mm Armored Green

    The Optic Zone - Detail
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