Best bipod- Harris or M2?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by jamsalot, Jul 8, 2002.

  1. jamsalot

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    I have a new supermatch M1A1 and want to put a bipod on it. I considered the harris bipod but dont like the adaptor that clamps to the barrle. There is an option to install a sling stud and put it on that but i am reluctant to drill a whole in the wood for that. I like the fact that the M2 clamps to the gas rod bracket and not the barrel. Also I like the fact that its origional military issue but...will it give me the performance i might desire for use in competition matches?
  2. Gyrene

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    jamsalot - The story I get, is that the M2 bipod screws up your accuracy. The Harris bipod enhances your accuracy.

    I don't use a bipod, because in our matches NRA/CMP you can't use them.

  3. shockwalter

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    If the M2 clamps onto the gas system, why would it mess with your accuracy? I could see if you put a crap load of pressure on the bipod to make the barrel flex a tad but that would still be a lot of pressure. Does the M2 scratch the stock when it's folded up?
  4. oneastrix

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    I prefer Harris all the way!
  5. Gyrene

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    shockwalter - I'm not really sure I can answer your question, except to say everybody that I have talked to, that claims to have used the M2 have all said the same thing, "It screws up the accuracy."

    The M2 does in fact mount on the Gas cylinder, and the Gas Cylinder is attached rigidly to the barrel, so I would guess that is where the problem starts. It could be that it will not allow the barrel to freely flex in all directions (you do know that with very high speed movie cameras, you can watch the barrel flex like it is made out of wet spaghetti, when it is fired). The "BOSS" barrels work quite well, because the "muzzle brake" is adjusted to the optimum position, using a computer to locate the optimum position, to dampen barrel movement consistently.

    The Harris bipod on the other hand mounts on the stock, and with a floated barrel, there is no interference.
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