Best Buy Takes on Priest for Copyright Violation Over 'God Squad' Mobile

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by grizcty, Aug 18, 2010.

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  3. best buy are some douchebags

    didnt realize they owned a phrase. i personally wont shop there or use their services anymore, for them to be this petty is retarded
  4. TACAV

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    As I understood it their legal team had quite the moral conundrum as to what to do with this matter. And they were pretty split about what to do.

    In the end they did not go after a lawsuit but went the middle of the road approach of having a cease and desist order done first.

    Their reasoning was that while the priest may have had good intentions they figured that there was still the matter of copyright infringement (which is probably true) or whatever it was and the double edged sword here was that if they did nothing about it, it would blur their legal policies and set a bad precedent in that if they made an exception in this case it would open it up for other competitors or people to do the same in regards to copying their trademark and they would have less of a leg to stand in those legitimate lawsuits when the competitors argued that they didnt care about other violations etc.

    So as ridiculous as the whole situation is I can at least see(not necessarily agree) Best Buys point of view.

    I blame it more on America's uber sue happy society with one company trying to cover their *** with legal action to prevent further legal action down the road.:dunno:
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    I may be wrong on some of this but my word,i remember reading that Lowe's was giving money out to gay organizations along with Home depot doing the same. May as well add Best Buy to my list now for not going there to shop. Man I am running outta places to shop..........We still have a few ma and pa shops around here and they will get my business and to hello with the rest.......
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    This is no different than mikerowesoft. The logo is barely trademark anyways.

    There is only the issue of the logo not the name.

    Best buy offered to help create a new logo, when they didn't have to.

    The priest also stated he wanted to get attention from the logo and use the geek squad logo for attention. Seems legal to me.