Best Gun shop in your area

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by wes, Sep 10, 2002.

  1. wes

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    Mine is Jensen Arms in Loveland Co. Great guys to deal with.
  2. PAPA G

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    i live at least an hour away from any real gunshops. 4 pawns and mega-mart, and i don't do mega-marts!!!!!!

  3. None here


    I too am an hour from anything that resembles a gun shop. There are a few dandies there though, and if I was to drive another 20 minutes south, there are a few more.

    There is one place, a large Sporting goods store in a small town between here and there, and they have a few guns, but alas, they are slightly high priced too. And heck if I am gonna drive that far, I might as well go to the big shops a little further down the road.

    Around here we have a hardware store or two with a few guns. A few used and a few consignment. And all are high priced. Or there is WalMart, sometimes a laughable choice. I do buy my ammo there once in a while, hey a sale is a sale!

    But then there is also K Mart, to witt, I have recently sinned against you my friends. *Starts whimpering*

    I recently purchased a new .22, and in my travels and utter disgust at the lack of choices, and over priced guns.... *Starts whimpering loudly and visibly crying*

    Well, I was in KMart, as they have the only real big mens clothes round here, and I wandered into Sporting goods. A natural occurance. *Crying more and getting choked up*

    I saw and purchased my Savage from them..... *Wailing uncontrolably*

    Please, my friends, forgive this mortal transgression! *Collapses in a heap on the floor*

    (Hey it worked for Reverend what's his face, oh yea Jimmy Swaggert, a few years back.....):nod: :eek:
  4. Calvin

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    My favorite gun store closed down 3 years ago. There's a few around here and I'm frequenting one in particular. May become a new favorite.
    Papa G, where would be the closest for you? I know Richmond has a couple. But, where else?
  5. oneastrix

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    Dury's Gun Shop. Good folks.....
  6. Big Dog

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    Our best gunshop is a pawnshop (Tallahassee Gun&Pawn - or "TG&P), but the guys know their stuff! Prices are a bit higher than I would prefer, but factoring in shipping on ordered items, it works out fairly well. They stock ammo and accessories, too. They're more of a gunshop that also deals in other stuff. All the other pawnshops are just that, the clerks know nothing about guns.
    Our only "real gunshop" caters to the izod-wearing, Eddie Bauer driving yuppie crowd, and if you don't fit that profile, you don't get service. They've got prices to match. Personally, I can't see paying $35 a box for 8mm Mauser ammo to feed my milsurps.
    A bonus is that TG&P is right down from where I work, so lunch hour can be interesting. :D
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  7. PAPA G

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    Calvin, i used to visit Great Guns when i lived in Richmond, they always had a good supply of American Rifleman, Guns mag, Gunworld and other magazines going back to the late 50's. but the owners wife worked the counter, and she was like she was on permanent PMS, only smiled when cash crossed her palms. Red House gunshop was decent, on their prices, if small stocking. just hate the thought of having to drive 30-200miles one way to see whats available. been to Antigue and Modern in Lexington. wooweee have to climb to their 2nd floor store, to view high prices for those rare and valubale collector items!!!!
  8. Calvin

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    Yeah, I used to shoot IPSC with her and her husband. She was not very well liked, I can tell you that. Her husband, Todd, has some real health problems. I know he was really hurting there for a long time. He's a nice man. However, I don't know what happened with Mary Jo.
    Red House-now that's a well-kept secret! Arthur would order any gun for only $10 over cost. Very nice man. They moved out off of 25 a few years ago. Smae setup, just different location.
    The only gun store I ever went to in Lexington was Mayne Stream Guns. Very nice place with pretty good prices. Bought a lot of stuff from them when Great Guns fell from grace.
  9. BattleRifleG3

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    When I want something orderred or transferred from out of state, I go to Lock Stock & Barrel, a basement enterprise northeast of Greensburg.

    When I want premium ammo, specific accessories, cleaning supplies, or to check out specimens of guns, I go to Gun World in Harrisville, north of Butler, east of Grove City.

    When I want to check out surplus guns, ammo, and supplies, I go to Allegheny River Arsenal.

    A friend of mine frequents Shooter's Place near Beaver Falls, and I'm starting to become familiar with them and their products.
  10. when i lived in a free state, it was J&G sales in Prescott Az. now that i'm Kalifornia, it's High desert guns, small shop, but the people are friendly, and the prices are reasonable (for California)

  11. colt45

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    ART'S GUN SHOP in Gerry NY. just off RT 60. in Chautauqua Co.
    Best Ruger and Glock prices for four countys. Lots of black powder stuff too.
    stocks on hand at least 100 or more Ruger hand guns at all times.
  12. We have LOTS of gun shops here. The biggest is Jensons and they supply most of the ammo and guns for the police and sheriffs office. Prices are terrible but an occasional deal can be had. They stock everything you could possibly need. Another one I went to last week is Murphys Guns. Thats were I'm going from now on. Yugo SKS's for $150 and lots of military stuff. Yugos at another store are$429. Big 5 has good prices but a very limited selection. The 8mm vz24's were only $69 last weekend. The furthest store from my house is about 3 miles. There is one next door to my work--literally on the other side of the wall--and one directly across the street. I'm in gun heaven here!
  13. NRAJOE

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    Clelands Outdoor World, Swanton, Oh. Owned by Chad Cleland World Champion black powder marksman.
  14. Doglips

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    Oaks Trading Post in Rockledge...closed this year. I got my first rifle there...and my first shotgun shell reloader there..still rember going to get a can of Dupont SR 7625 as a teenager. The city bought the land and are turning it into a retention pond. In my area we have B&H gun rack...a class 3 dealer but they are HK range snobs...and pricy too. Ive been useing Sothern Ohio Guns and then haveing the class 1 stuff sent to a small gun store (Indian River Sportsman) that is also a bait shop, in Titusville.

    I still Miss looked like someone dumped a gun colection and accessories in the middle of a small room....had that surpluss store..old canvas and gun oil smell. As they were closeing I was able to get a Lee Load All Jr...still in the box...found in back of some other stuff that had stuff in front of it...keep meaning to use it since it is what I used back in 1979...think they quit makeing them in 1980.