Best holster for IWB carry???

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Cyclops, Jul 22, 2002.

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    What are some good options for IWB using a USP compact? WOuld it be leather? kydex? nylon? :hmmm:
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    Take a look at the Bianchi Pro 100 series. They are made from finished leather with a suede bodyside panel. The inner half of the holster is taller to shield the gun from the users body, and includes a vapor barrier between the two layers of leather to prevent moisture getting to the gun. Although if it's hot enough I don't know how long this protection would last I haven't exposed mine that long to find out. The 100 uses a clip type attachment which I prefer because I seldom wear a belt with shorts in the summer. Re-holstering is easier because it's molded to fit specific guns unlike those cheap suede pouches that you almost have to remove to get the gun reholstered. Putting it away discreatly can at times be as advantagous as drawing it quickly.

    I bought mine through Bateman's Supply a LEO supply that will sell to the public. cost me $43.00 They were listed in the dealer section of Bianchi's website.

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