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    When I first became "disabled" I learned a realy good thing.
    Ill try to keep the story short.
    I got sent to Bethesda Navy hospital so they could try and fix a caterac surgery that went (Back in 1985 cateract surgey was the whole inpatint full anastesa thing). In any case I was staying in th out-patint barracks and a group was going out to George Town to party and invited I went...when I got into the van I realized that the people I was going out to party with (they were all acxtive duty Marines and Navy) were seriosly messed up physicaly..we had 2 people in wheel chairs...on girl with no legs...1 guy lost his testacals to cancer..and 2 completly/totaly blind people...and a few others. well I figured great this is going to be a cry in the beer night.
    Well these people were raiseign some serious hell in the bars..dirty danceing..bad jokes..fighting...ect..cops got called on us 2 x. Well after about 2 hours the group gets tired of my life is over my right eye is messedup...blind sniper ect...and a few of them explaind to me that my disability was NOT my eye...that the limits/disabilty was in my hart and head....Im as disabled as I belive I am.
    Basicly its like this...regardless of how "bad" or minor our disability...there area some of US that go to paraplicic that climbed that mountin a few years ago and there or some of us that it knocks us down and we cant seem to get up..... I Believe that we need to realize that we have limatation but that we can overcome it hunting..employment..or what ever.
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    I think you truly learned and shared a valuable life lesson. I do have differ slightly on two points. The first being that you are only as dis-abled as you feel you are. Unfortunately, how disabled other people feel you are is a big factor as well.
    My brother and I went out and got a 1/4 ton load of gravel which we loaded by shovel. Hot,hard work, so I stopped @ the local bar to buy us a few cool ones. He hardly ever drinks other a toast on special occassions, so was pretty excited to go to a beer parlour. I kept braggin him up saying he worked like a man, now he'll drink with the men. I ordered our beer, waitress only brought one, said she couldn't serve a retard.
    I took this up with the bartender, then the manager, said they was violating his human rights. They then asked him for I.D. even though he was older than the bartender.Of course he had none. It is a small town, and I said that they Knew he was Challenged, so they also would know we are twins so he obviosly was the same age as me. No I.D. No service.
    He was devistated to tears, I said don't cry I'll buy a case to go.
    He wouldn't touch kept saying he was a retard and just a boy. Took a long time for him to get back any self esteeem.
    Because I have seizures I find it difficult to get employed in any field of work. Even when I did get a sit down job making dentures, I was fired 'cuz I had a seizure at work. I don't know I will be well enough to work and usually miss too many days being sick and get fired. Looks real bad on the resume, so does seizures.
    However you do have to create your own oppurtunities, so I do manage to earn some money thru self employment.Sorry I made a short story long but had to get this out.