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    What was the best live fire experience you ever had?

    Mine was while aboard a destroyer. I was standing lookout when they test fired one of the Vulcan Phalanx mounts (20mm). Sounded like someone red-lining a big two stroke without a muffler on it. The speed with which the barrel cluster spun indicated an awesome fire rate (something like up to 3,000 rounds per minute). A close second was the semi auto 5" 54s firing 2 rounds per second from each of the two gun mounts at once. The cartridges for those guns weighed about 80 lbs a piece. I used to have to help hod those in from the spare magazine compartment when the internal magazines went low.

    Military weapons fire can be truly inspiring. It's amazing that airplanes (puff the magic dragon and spectre) were equipped similarly.
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    I do not know about "best" but I have a very interesting experience when some Sea Sparrows were launched while I was on TOP OF THE LAUNCHER! This was on the Midway. We were at GQ, doing various drills. No one said anything about a live fire excercise. I was in charge of the NBC Survey Team (AKA, the suicide squad). My group consisted of myself, my recorder, my runner, and a Battle Efficiency inspector. My team was given the word to begin a contamination sweep. The first survey location was a small platform about 5 feet directly above the BPDMS launcher. We got out to the weatherdeck and went straight to the site. On the way, I noticed a guy cowering behind a little barricade, speaking into a SP phone. We went out another 15 feet to get to the site. Suddenly, there was a huge explosion and we were engulfed in flame. We dove for cover, then ran back inside. It seems our orders had gotten garbled while being relayed through the dozen or so people the the Navy always insists on using. The original word was that we were supposed to go to flight deck control and stand by. The message we got was to start the survey. Our timing was perfect to witness the missile launch, close up.:eek:

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    My most memorable was on my Frigate. We ET's were tasked with videoing the launch of a live ASROC, fired at a subsurface target. We setup in a hatch on the fo'csle, well forward in the bow. The Asroc/Harpoon launcher was just forward of the bridge. We had a spectacular view of the launch! The effect on the target was less interesting. The marker flag trembled, then sank. No big upwelling, like you see in the movies of a subsurface blast. Mk 46 torpedoes are deigned to punch through a sub hull, they don't make that big a blast, apparently. Of course, the target was a couple hundred feet down.
    The funnest firing we did, we were in Ft. Lauderdale during spring break, tied up at the cruise ship pier. We would shoot our bright orange styrofoam test torp from the midships launcher at passing sailboats. This thing would shoot out 50 feet or so, then bob to the surface. After the first couple shots, the tourists would swing back around, and we'd "shoot" them again. The bikini-clad girls loved it! They tossed us beers a couple times, but then our officers intervened. End of the fun.
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    F 4 firing on a fishing Junk, bullets started hitting the water 75-100 feet before and about the same past it, Cut the boat in half. Sounded like a Funny Car Dragster taking off.
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    I have simple tastes. In the Texas Army National Guard I spent a couple of weeks in the summer as TC of an M-60 Tank. What a ball!

    Me, while laying onto target "Gunner, SABOT, Tank!"

    Gunner "Identified!"

    Loader "UP!"

    Me "Fire!"

    M-60 "WaBoom!"

    Loader "UP!"

    Me "Target! Cease fire!"
  6. When I was an MP in Korea, in '68 and '69, we used to fly security on Hueys and Chinooks for Ordanance flying between SADs (Special Ammunition Depots....yes nuclear component sites).

    Anyway part of our platoon's duties was door gunner with .50. To keep proficient we used to practice (on moving choppers) on filled 50 gallon drums of dried concrete. What a sight and it gives you a true perspective of the awesome power of those .50s as barrells of concrete quickly turned to clouds of powdery dust.
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    i dont know if it was the best but while i was on board uss vincennes i was the leading ic man and we were up on the bridge filming a gun shoot. we had just took out a supersonic bird then the main gun (mt 51) dropped to the ready and all of the sudden for no reason it turned to the starboard pointing straight and level, well we were running about a hundred yards off the side of the newly commisioned cruiser the lake erie- the gun was pointed straight at her bridge, so all the sudden my captain starts yelling at me that he wants the video tape destroyed right now!!! wonder why????
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    Not the best, but one of the funnest:

    I was doing a class on the M60 beltfed MG. I was carrying it up a berm loaded. I tripped half way up the hill.

    I pulled the trigger, and the MG stood me right up straight again, and I climbed to the top of the berm.

    I looked at the class who were all agast at said :

    "This shows you how powerful the M-60 is. It can stand a man straight up, So when your firing aim low and prepare for the recoil, short 1-2 second bursts".

    I went on with the class. I was asked by a butterbar later if that was in my lesson plan. I said "Why yes sir" Went back to my AO and wrote it in.
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    I was out of the Army and here in Boise about 20years ago when myself and two friends had eaten some mushrooms (the funny ones) and decided to go cave hunting out in the Mountainhome Airforce training range. There are some real cool lava tunnels out there. It was about 1:00am. We were having great difficulty finding the butte (Flagstaff). The cave was about a mile and a half behind it. We drove down this ravine beside the wrong butte when a 108 or 109 howitzer blasted a round off right over us about 100 yards to our right and mabey 50 feet above us. I could not believe my windows stayed in my pickup. The flash was so bright we could'nt see for minutes. I new ther was a main road about 300 yards ahead so we bolted for it . The tank fired one more time just before we got to the road. We had come in on the back trails. On the way out we were stopped by the mp's. They asked how we had gotten in and tried to keep us there. As I was fresh out of the military I knew they had no authority to hold us so laughing profusely I bid the private farwell and off we went to clean our pants. WHAT A TRIP!
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    Every time I go out shooting!!

    When I was in the Army, anytime we could go to the range and live fire full auto always got a "chubby" out of me!!!

    At night on full auto with tracers was alot of fun also.

    M-79 grenade launcher was fun too!!

    It's all fun!! of course as long as it is safe.