best place to get ammo for K31?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by wraith, Apr 17, 2002.

  1. wraith

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    Need to get some ammo for my K31 where is the best place to get it on line, preffer cheap stuff for plinking , but needs to be good quality .
  2. JS44

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    I bought some Portugese INDEP from Cole Distributing and it's $9.95 plus shipping for a box of 20 (I just checked). That's not a bad price and the best I found about a month ago when I ordered it. There's also the original Swiss GP11 which seems to have a fluctuating price but it's better ammo. SOG has this for $25.20 for 60 rounds. For shooting 7.5 Swiss a lot it pretty much boils down to reloading your own. The GP11 supply will run out since it's surplus and no longer made. Norma does make some but it costs an arm and a leg. INDEP is not that great but the cases are boxer primed and can be reloaded. The GP11 is berdan primed and for all practical purposes cannot be.
    Also, 7.5X55mm brass can be formed from .284 Winchester cases.
    Check out too. That is a very good site and message/forum board on swiss rifles. A lot of experts there.