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    Disclaimer: I am in no way advocating that anything posted here wil remain anonymous as the recipiant of said prank may be reading also and recognize your work.

    We all have neighbors who get under our skin and try as we may the guy is still an A&&hole and continues to skirt the law just enough to annoy the Heck out of you. So let's hear what you did to get even?

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    Boy does it stink in here

    I had a neighbor whose son busted the window in my car when he ran up on it and pushed in the hood. I had every kid in the hood tell me it was him went to court with one witness and lost the case. (The witness was scared) and of course his mom claimed her son was a saint; said I was trying to set him up. Well after a 200$ window job I got even.

    I waited a couple of months and one night while the wife and kids were out of town I snuck over to the house went up under the house made a 1 inch slit in the duct work and poured in a bottle of Buck Lure. I left packed the car and went on a camping trip with a buddy.

    Came back Sunday afternoon and it was like nothing happened. I never found out if it worked, though I bet it did, and never heard anything else from them. They may not have been home at the time as the car was gone. But I bet they had a surprise when they woke or came home.

    You hunters out there know what I am talking about.

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    I put fox pi** in the defroster vent in a brand new cadilac of an old employer that ripped me off for a bunch of overtime that wasn't on the books. I'm sure that in the dead of winter he got the point.
    Never heard anything back from him on it but every time I see him I ask if his new car still has that new car smell.
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    :nod: old landlord poisoned my dog, several neighbors saw but would not testify. Went to the hunting store, got skunk cover sent and a hypodermic needle and sprayed the entire bottle thru the weather striping on his new Buick.........gotta love it!
  5. Try an apple or potato shoved up the tall pipe (two if it's double exhaust)....shove it WAY WAY up in there with a stick. Truck or car will start and die....start and die....start and die.

    By the time the mechanic figures out what it is the bill will be in the hundreds....he he he he.

    On a serious note, years ago, after my wife and I filed for divorce, she notified me to get everything outta the house since she had it sold. She left on Friday night and was to be back on Sunday night and expected me to come over and remove the stuff while she was gone (dumb!).

    First I had my buddy follow me in the RV which I parked in the driveway (her car was inside the garage since she left with her new boyfriend). While I was there I called a long distant number I knew had a 'looping' automated answering service and left the receiver on her pillow.

    When she got home she couldn't get her car outta the garage and the cops would not force me to move the RV without a court order since my name was on the mortgage (then again would my own push the issue?) and they warned her about forced entry and moving the vehicle without my okie doke). And, I made it a point not to answer my phone or be home that Sunday night or the next day either. Needless to say by the time she got an the court order, etc. several days had passed.

    She also 'claims' to have had a large long distance bill (telephone was in her name).

    Chit happens, I guess.
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    Deer lure

    I know what you mean by putting it in the dash. I had the Buck lure left over from work where a coworker had put an onion in my dash. It hit me right in the eyes when I opened it. Not enough to hurt me but **** me off. I got the lure and put 2 good squirts in the vent and it was January. Needless to say the minute he drove down the road he came back. He ended up pouring dang near a whole bottle or pine sol in the dash to neutralize it.