Best revolver for the money

Discussion in 'General Handgun' started by JohnD, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. JohnD

    JohnD Guest

    What is the best revolver for the least money $300-$500 single or double action it dont matter? I am mostly wanting somthing that has decent accuracy and that is good looking.

    Any bodys thoughts are welcome.
  2. duck223

    duck223 Guest

    If you don't mind fixed sights,I really like my Ruger Vaquero in 45LC.It's polished stainless,so you don't have to worry about the elements as much,I think they go for a little more than $400 new.

  3. BenP

    BenP Guest

    I still know of places to get a Ruger Super Redhawk in 44 mag for less than $500.00. That's the best for the money in my opinion. I had a S&W 629 Classic Stainless in 44 mag and it cost me more than $500 and wasn't as good as my super redhawk, which is why I sold it and got the SRH instead. Really though, it depends on what you're gonna do with it. But the SRH has a proven track record and the fit and finish are superb. The strength of the gun is also outstanding.

    In 357 I've owned a Dan Wesson and a GP 100 and both are outstanding firearms for under $500.00. A Colt Python is also an excellent weapon, although you won't find a decent one for less than $500.00.

    After that, you can take your pick right down to some basic 22s.

    For all around general stuff, I'd get a GP 100 with adjustable rear sights and 4" barrel. Works for self defense, plinking, and limited big game hunting.
  4. Bryan Williams

    Bryan Williams Guest

    Like Duck i have a Ruger Vaquero SS in 45LC. I got mine brand new for $400. It may be more expensive than some but i promise you wouldn't be disappointed.
  5. lefty o

    lefty o G&G Evangelist

    i prefer the superblackhawk in 44 mag-good strong gun and affordable. the superblackhawk hunter is even better but rugers gone crazy with pricing because of the demand for it. just glad i got mine the first time they made them-much cheaper then.
  6. JohnD

    JohnD Guest

    It would be just for target. I live in canada and that is all you can use them for.

    4" and under is not a option either because it is prohibited in canada.

    I can not make up my mind about what to get next an auto or a revolver.

    I realy like the looks of the CZ 75B but I like the accuracy of a revolver. In canada I think the CZ's are cheaper I think.

    I do not much care for the ruger "alloy frame" in there autos either. If they made one with a steel frame I would get one of them as it is just for target shooting and general fun at the range.
  7. Peter

    Peter Guest

    I'd echo BenP. I have a super redhawk that I like better than the smith or colt i've tried. However in .357 i used to have a colt king cobra that shot really well, looked really cool, and only cost me $275 used in exc cond (police buy back in MD, prob belonged to some crack dealer who just waved it around for show) Actually the grip is now my stickshift knob. looks cool with the little colt horsey on it!
  8. cz40va

    cz40va Guest

    John D.. Have you shot a CZ75B yet? The accuracy will amaze you. They are great handguns. Visit with us at and check out how some people feel about theirs.
  9. JohnD

    JohnD Guest

    that is what I have been hearing, what I want the gun for is realy just for fun and not for serious target shooting. as long as it will hit tin cans at 25 yards 6 times out of ten.
  10. Cuzzin Mitch

    Cuzzin Mitch Guest

    Get a S&W model 27 or 28.They are the N frame guns and are strong enough to handle any sane load.I have 3 27's right now and the most expensive one was 350.00 U.S. I have never seen a N frame S&W 357 that would'nt shoot 2in. or under groups from sandbags @ 30yds. with a variety of factory loads.
    And they are soooooo sexy lookin!Later, yer cuzzin Mitch.
  11. ScottD

    ScottD Guest

    Anything Ruger!
  12. jerry

    jerry Since 03-15- 2002 Forum Contributor

    Rugers always a good choice for budget and quality, I'm suprised no one has mentioned Taurus yet, real good for the money.
  13. sadiehn

    sadiehn Guest

    Well I will mention tauras or smith & weson I like the 29 but it aint made anymore or last I heard what caliber and size are you looking for
  14. Jeremy

    Jeremy Guest

    John D. I saw some S&W's , i think they were 29's, kicking around for between 200 and 350 at SIR in winnipeg the other weekend, they all looked in good condition. they had quite a few there (6 or 7). As far as the CZ-75 goes, i've heard only good things, but have myself only seen one example of them up here and it was fairly rough looking. I did talk to a friend of mine that owns a gun shop and he says he did have a shipment , but went through it fairly quickly and by the time i came around, they were gone and he wasn't sure if he could get more. Other than that, i don't really know what to tell you, except keep looking, there's always something good out there for you. Aren't these handgun law's up here a bitch? don't mind me, i'm just pissed off.
  15. Joe B.

    Joe B. Guest

    John, I think its kinda hard to go wrong with Ruger or Smith. For the money in single action Ruger is it. I have a Bisley (not vaquero) its built on the super blackhawk frame w adjustable sights. Some people dont like the looks of the bisley but once youve held one, you will feel the advantage that the bisley grip frame offers over the standard black hawk grip frame. I believe they are only available in 7.5" bbl lengths. I had mine shortened to 5.25". The bisley vaqueros come in more bbl lengths though. Ive also had few S&W DA revolvers. All very high quality and very accurate. I have had no experience with Ruger DA revolvers but, I think when it comes down to it, its kind of a Ford vs. Chevy thing. The quality is there, Buy what you like and feels good and shoot the hell out of it.

  16. JohnD

    JohnD Guest

    sadiehn-I was looking for maby a 357/38 or maby somthing with a big hole in it like 45LongColt.

    Jeremy-Yes the laws up here are a bitch but I would not like If every body could get guns have guns like they do in the USA. I agree with a national program that would keep the FAC or PAL but do away with regestering every gun. If we could carry and hunt with handguns that would be even better. I live on a farm in the saskatchewan prarie and it would be nice to have a .357 mag for varmin like coyotes on a person all the time. Maby our liberal gov. will fall and the canadian alliance will change the laws. The realy serious criminals get there hands on gun easly anyway in canada by the USA and black market and theft.

    Joe B.-7.5" barrel does not matter to me as long as it looks good and shoots where you point it and will not fall apart.
  17. squirrelsniper

    squirrelsniper Guest

    I like the Taurus model 44 in 44mag. Depending on what loads are used, it works well for big game and varmints, and it should also work well (haven't needed to try it, thankfully) on varmints of the two-legged variety if needed.
  18. tommy

    tommy G&G Enthusiast

    i have a .44 cal special rossi 3 inch barrel double action model 720m it's stainless .and i have no complaints.
  19. JohnD

    JohnD Guest

    What do the CZ-75B's cost in canada? And where can a person get one. The S&W and such are way to much money for me to get a new revolver. I am interested in a CZ but may end up getting a ruger revolver if I get anything new because of Rugers Reputation.
  20. Jeremy

    Jeremy Guest

    as far as CZ-75 cost i'm not quite sure what they were going for new, around $350, which considering what kind of gun it is, is quite good, the one i saw at the gun show was used and abused and they were asking about the same so i kept on walking. there a gun show coming up in the near future in winnipeg(don't know how far away you are) maybe something could come up there, who knows. Those revolvers at SIR ( who are mailorder by the way, if you didn't know) were used, they also have some other used stuff, a P-38 and maybe something else i can't remember, they also can get new stuff if you want, i guess it all depends on how much you want to spend. If you want i could ask my friend what he has around, last time i was there he had quite a few revolvers around, let me know. he is usually fair in his prices i have found, i bought my first pistol off him for a fair price and he owe's my dad a few favors.