Best rifle caliber for deer, without alot of recoil

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by nc.hunter, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. Steve

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    Be very careful Big Tool you may have created a monster that will be hard to control when it comes to deer hunting.:bigok:
  2. Midas

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    I have used the .243 on deer before, and as far as I know, those deer are still dead.
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  3. jermatha

    jermatha G&G Newbie

    Reading through the posts and supprised i haven’t seen any 6.5 Creedmoor talk. I have been taking down deer and hogs for over a year with my Axis XP. Plenty of juice and not much recoil compared to a 308.
  4. billy

    billy G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    45 70 or 416 rigby
  5. Dutch

    Dutch G&G Evangelist

    The 6.5 Creedmoor was brand new when this post was started, so it is not surprising it wasn't widely known yet.

    I didn't realize the 6.5 was that much lower in perceived recoil, compared to a .308.
  6. Ron The Legend

    Ron The Legend G&G Evangelist

    I never feel the recoil when I fire at an animal. Usually off the bench only. If a .308 is too much, install a limb saver recoil pad or muzzle brake. I generally shy away from new calibers. Look what happened with the 300 Win. short mag. The 300 Rem short mag. The 325 Win. short mag. And so many others. 7mm 08 seems to be a favorite. I guess pick one and learn to reload if it's an odd caliber. JMHO from an old hunter/shooter. Right now I'm waiting for Henry to come out with a long Ranger in .338 Fed. 30.06 power in a short action lever action. In the meantime the old Sav 99 in 300 sav. will do for now.
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  7. jwrauch

    jwrauch G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Looking to build up a 98 Mauser in 6.5 Swede this year !!
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  8. mauser9

    mauser9 G&G Evangelist

    Best caliber? Hmmm Shot a few with a 30-06. They did fall down.
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  9. shop tom

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    Deer cartridge with low recoil? Thutty-thutty has filled that bill well over 100 years. Unless deer have changed over that time, the old girl will do it as well, probably better with modern ammo, as it has since it became popular when spats were.
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  10. Ron The Legend

    Ron The Legend G&G Evangelist

    My wife and I use our 30.06's mostly for deer and elk. Our go to guns because they are always right on and not fussy about ammo. And she's a short 5'1". Recoil doesn't bother her.
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  11. animalspooker

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    ^^^remind me not to pi$$ her off!
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  12. Ron The Legend

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    She outshot the instructor at our CCW class and only had her G19 a couple of days. Shut him up from all the bragging he was doing. And BTW she has a little Cherokee in her and was born a Texan. Like the saying goes "Don't Mess With Texas". I know what she would do if I ever dissed her. She cleans her own game and I've watched her with that Gerber.
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    ^^^ So she'll shoot you and skin you. If you're ever hiding from her, and she's looking for you...don't come to my house! Sorry, you're not welcome.
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    Hide from a Texan who's part Cherokee, no way. I'd just give up and settle for castration to stay alive. And she's a Scorpio too.
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  15. animalspooker

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  16. Ron The Legend

    Ron The Legend G&G Evangelist

    No, but she does have a lot of Scottish in her too. I think she is related to Sir William Wallace.LOL
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  17. Jim Rau

    Jim Rau G&G Evangelist

    Hands down, a 7-08, slightly more recoil than a 243 (but twice the gun) with the ballistics nearly equal to a 270!!! And it comes in a small easy to handle package. It don't get any better than that. If you use simple logic.:)
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  18. Ten Man

    Ten Man G&G Evangelist

    My AR10B in .308, with 20" scoped upper is MORE than enough for deer, out to 500 yards, and the recoil is milder than my Ruger 77/357 carbine. The buffer spring of the AR soaks up a good amount of the recoil.

    The AR10 is not an easy rifle to carry around in the woods, but for a tree stand, it is AWESOME!
  19. rando

    rando G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    JR I built a 6.5x55 but used a Turk Mauser action. Model 38 Ankara. Its nice because its a full size intermediate action which is perfect fit in the receiver for that bullet. Also large ring but has small ring threads and can get a barrel easier in small ring from a variety of places. The Turk receivers are strong and cheaper than other Mauser receivers.
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  20. Sav .250

    Sav .250 G&G Evangelist

    For me, location and terrain would have a lot to do with that. Bean field. Heavy brush.
    a lot of cal`s will cross over for sure .
    I hunt the mountains of W Va. So for me, it`s a Savage 99 in 300 Sav cal.
    The best is certainly subjective, IMO.
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