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    :eek: What are the steals and deal out there ? :confused: The Best Buys ? :eek: The best Bang for your Bucks ? :p :rolleyes: :fuss: :nod: :assult:
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    If I'd had the money at the time, I'd have gotten a Pre-Ban Bushmaster M17 for $550.
    Not sure about the stainless Mini-14 with Black Warrior Folder for $450.
    Not sure what kind of G3 it was for $535. If it was a pre-ban, I'd be killing myself.
    There was the Ruger PC9 for $310, the SAR-1 for $300, and the Romanian SKS for $160. $600 for an Olympic Plinker and $620 for a DPMS Sweet 16" are the best AR prices. Oh yeah, and Something like $1500 for a G-43 (8mm Mauser semi auto, German WWII, very rare).
    But I got the Mossberg 590 security model for $250, the Poly-Choke Mossberg 500 for $140, The SA M1 for $525, and the Savage 111G in 300 RUM for $350.
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  3. FEG

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    Biggest Bang for Buck

    1) Commercial or mil surp Makarov
    2) Any new production stock CZ pistol (all under $500).
    3) Taurus versions of the J-frame
    4) Springfield Mil Spec 1911A1

    Semi-auto Rifles
    1) Arsenal AKM clones (Hungarian or Bulgarian)
    2) Federal Arms G3
    3) Romanian or Russian SKS

    Bolt Actions
    1) CZ 527/550 series (the stocks alone should cost nearly half of what CZ charges for these rifles)
    2) Brno 98

    Sadly, there is only one US-made gun on my short list, the Mil Spec 1911A1. (Funny, I didn't know the military had loaded chamber indicators and grip safety locks...). I prefer to buy American, but I don't like to pay more, only to receive less.

    Notable absences:
    1) Yugo SKS (no chrome-lined barrel, not really that cheap)
    2) Mosin Nagants, Turkish Mausers, etc. Some of these shoot like $400 rifles. Quite a few shoot like $50 rifles though...
    3) Ballester Molina. This is not a cheap 1911 any more than the old Stars are 1911s. I imagine there have been a lot of disappointed buyers over the years.

    There are some other mil surp, C&R, etc. guns that sort of fit the same general description of the ones just mentioned. Great guns, but not the best overall buys. Another example, the CZ 52 keeps creeping up in price; it is beginning to get ridiculous. Would you rather have a $200 CZ 52 or a $300 CZ 75B Mil?

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Any thing Taurus, any thing Ruger!

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor


    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    We'll be hearing an arguement from Klaus on those last comments by us!
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    I actualy Believe the Hi-Point Carbine in 9mm is a great value and a serious plinker/home defense gun.
    #2 is the Mossburg 500 pump shotgun. You can get them for $200 or less and the things last for ever.
    # Ill defend the C&R rifles...yes for $50-100 you take a chance at getting a noise maker but I found that most are great firearms to own/shoot ammo is often dirt cheep. (Yes I got a Turkish mauser with a head space problem but $40 for 1 out of 16 C&R guns is not bad)...The ONLY reason I dont see C&R guns as home defense/ SHTF guns is that the AKs are so readaly avilable.
    #4 Hi-point pistols....these are the mopeds of the gun world...they are fun to shoot..but people dont want their friends to see them do it....I have 2 of them that seem to like to be abuse and still function without the carbine a great value for the $$...but darn they is ugly.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Man High points are soooo freaking ugly! They feel and look cheap too. I just can't bring myself to buy one!
  9. Klaus we love you man!! So let's get this over with. I have to get some shut eye before 4:00 am.
  10. Dennis

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    There are some Isemezsh(sp) Russian AK sporter rifles out there for about $189.95 they only hold 10 rnds
    good looking though
    Lots and Lots of good ol S&W .38 spl Model 10's around here any way.
    Makarovs are good
    M44's are good
    Old Winchester 30-30's
    Model 500 mossy's
    lots and lots of old pump action shotguns around
    have fun shoppin
  11. NRAJOE

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    I think he's ignoring us Alan, smart man that Klaus! :right:
  12. Klaus has more money and time than he knows what to do with, lol.

    BTW....his last name is Johnson and related to that late 'great?' VP and President.......mmmmm......LBJ.
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    Man, that's mean Dale
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    Sigs are a bit more pricey than the other pistols listed here. But they are cheap compared to "custom" 1911A1s. My last name is not Johnson, though I have a big one. I do not like LBJ.
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    Nobody likes LBJ...He was the Clinton of the 60's
  16. Dang, the LBJ thing was said tongue in cheek,...shesh!.
  17. Klaus you already mentioned your big thing--Desert Eagle 50 AE with 10" barrel. No pun intended.
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    Charles Daly EFS 5" 1911 Clone. It comes with many options found in more expensive guns, but it is not a "cheapo". It is a very solid, accurate gun. I got it for $450 NIB.