Bet Micky Mouse is drinking Bottled Water

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    May 20, 2002 -- Federal and Florida authorities said they're investigating a threat to Orlando's water system and alerted the public as a precaution yesterday.
    Officials characterized the threat as vague and unsubstantiated, but said it was being taken seriously.

    Water treatment facilities throughout Orange County were locked down and under guard.

    Tests on the water supply yesterday revealed no evidence of tampering.

    Orlando, home of Walt Disney World, is a destination for as many as 50 million tourists a year.

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  2. Well...

    I think we will be seeing a lot of this for some time to come. Personally I think we should take every threat seriously and react accordingly. To those who think it is folly, how would you like the Fla threat to be real and hundreds of thousands of children die due to contaminated water? Or anyone for that matter.

    The terrorists have not won and will not win as long as we remain vigilant.