Bet you won't hear THIS on MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CNBC, or CBS News

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by Cyrano, Jul 25, 2020.

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    New York
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    If you listen to talk radio or FOX this is old news !!

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    There’s a lot of info ‘coming out’ that was presented to the media and the public months ago. Although I applaud the media outlets who are finally bringing this around again, we must remain aware that it never caught on the first go ‘round.
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  4. Jaison

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  5. Cattman

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    the left are crooks but so are the right. watch who you throw your saddle on. ALL in washington are crooks. ALL of them. bill clinton belongs in prison for being a abuser of under age girls. guess who else did it also? not just one but several well know people.
  6. jwrauch

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    I always liked the old Charley "Tremendous" Jones quote: " All politicians lie. I just like conservative lies more than liberal lies."
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  7. Cyrano

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    The Democrats wanted to be sure that the Evil One beat Trump in the election, and set this up to make him look unpatriotic. Then when he WON, they used it to cast doubts on the legitimacy of the election. In our national history, no president has ever been set on as viciously for so long a period.

    Not John Tyler, when he asserted on the death of William Henry Harrison that he was the President, with full powers, not the Acting President until a new election could be held.

    Not Abraham Lincoln, when the Civil War was going badly and the Democrats in the North were appalled at the casualties we were taken in battles it seemed the Union always lost.

    Not Woodrow Wilson, when the people of America were saying, "Hell, no!" to the idea of the League of Nations.

    Not Herbert Hoover, when nothing he tried seemed to help get America's economy back on track in the Great Depression.

    Not FDR, when America was losing battles and all the war news seemed to be bad in 1941 and 1942.

    Not Lyndon Johnson, when the middle class and upper middle class college-age youth were marching and rioting in the streets against the draft and the Vietnam War.

    Not Richard Nixon, when the media and the Congress were gunning for him in the Watergate Scandal.

    Not Bill Clinton, when he was being investigated for not being able to keep his pecker in his pocket and assorted other crimes he committed, including with the connivance of the Evil One.

    Not George W. Bush, when the intelligentsia and the left wing press were furious about the preparations for and the launch of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

    Not even the Obamination, whose criminal acts and acts of treason should have seen him spending the rest of his life in solitary confinement in the Supermax wing of ADX Florence. (Any illegal acts that turd committed were ignored, excused, or covered up by the lamestream media who refused to do their bleeping job and investigate and expose his crimes, which is beyond despicable.)

    Trump has been subjected to ongoing, systematic attacks since the day after the election.

    First, the Wicked Bitch of the East alleged Trump was not a legitimate victor because he did not win the popular vote. This wasn't the first time the victor in the Electoral College did not win the popular vote. What matters is who wins in the Electoral College, and there Trump whomped Hillary with a decisive win.

    The Democrats, led by Sick Hillary, next tried to overturn the election results in three states, which might have given her enough Electoral College votes to steal the election. One recount confirmed Trump won the state and in fact gave him some more votes. In the second state, the courts ruled Hillary's beard had no grounds to challenge the election results. And in the third, the courts ruled that the election results did not rise to the level required to trigger a recount, so sit down and shut up. And the media complained about those results, too.

    Then Shrillary tried to subvert the Electoral College itself. This went nowhere and in fact cost her at least one EC vote.

    Then the Democrats organized a massive protest on Inauguration Day, alleging that Trump had not been legitimately elected because he did not win the popular vote. They now want to remove the Electoral College from the Constitution, because they know if they succeed, the Jackass Partei will hold the Presidency forever, because if the Electoral College is abolished in favor of direct election the seventeen largest cities in the country will elect the President -- and all of them are controlled by the Democrats. They just can't get over the fact their candidate was repellant to a majority of the states in the nation and that was why she was beaten.

    And ever since, the Democrats, aided and abetted by the mainstream media, has spent their time looking for dirt on Trump's businesses and his personal life and finding it, because Trump is not that good a businessman. He is in some ways closer to being a con man -- but they excused that when it was Slick Willy Dickwad raping women and engaging in shady, bordering on criminal, business deals. The hypocrisy is strong in them.

    The Democrats have spent four years sabotaging Trump. They are not going to stop. They are so sure Trump can be beaten, they are nominating a senile old fool who can't even pick a Vice President, except to quack that she needs to be a minority. They are nominating a moron who has not been out of his basement bunker to speak of since the coronavirus crisis began.

    And if Trump wins in November, I expect the clowns will at least consider trying to launch a revolt.
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  8. jwrauch

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    The MSM except for FOX are in bed with the Demonrats. FOX ain't perfect but the do try to present a balanced picture !!!
  9. Cattman

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    cyrano, wow i applaude your effort, you got that off of your chest. as for my self im glad im not into hate like that. im glad i look to Christ and how this is a set up for the very end. Christ is not coming back to a nice place to live. it has to wax worse and worse. im glad you want to see the best of the best but you never will. its just going to get worse and worse every year that goes by. again both right and left are so crooked and both lie so much i never but rarely watch the news. if their is a earth quake or bad weather or something like that on the news i watch it. other wise all three of them lie, lie lie. trump is right about the fake news but please include fox in that also. they all want to direct us to their point of view and their view is controlled by money and the quarterly profit. many years ago i had a boss in construction i worked in at that time. he had travled the world for big companies building oil refineries. he told me this, you can always tell a american . he said you could line up 100 white men all dressed the same. it was easy to see which one was the american. all the rest would be in order and standing like they were ruled. the american would have the look of, why am i here? and you have no right to make me stand here. im getting the you know what out of here because you have no right to do this to me. i agree, thats us americans. the whites that imigrated to american were all looking over the next hill. rebels in their own country. many like my mothers family come here for religious freedom. they were french protestants and murdered by the catholics. they were rebels in france. we came here and we all are still rebels. other races came here also and took up our cause. independence. we all love independence. independence is very easy to grab on to and embrace. i like the peace and live type of it. i like i can be a christian and no one says much. here you have to put up with the stupid along with the ones who can think. thats independence. yesterday i crossed paths with a old toker who was so skinny you knew he lived on happy weed. he said to me with my mask on, thats all fake, their is no such think as the virus. his IQ was less than his age. but he could say that because of independence. thats the price we pay for independence, the nut jobs have it also. dont let them ruin your day. remember it will wax worse and worse until Christ comes back.
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  10. runfiverun

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    someone should have reminded Hillary that Obama lost the popular vote too.
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  11. FortyXDM

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    Doesn't it say that Chris didn't hate the sinner, but hated the sin ??
    I think that is what Cyrano was saying.....
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  12. Rave

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    Remember the words of a wise ol' witch who said,"You don't need God any more,you have us Democrats." :usa2:;):rolleyes: '
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  13. ChaZam

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    I just want to see some prosecutions and some people fitted for orange jump suits.
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  14. Cyrano

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    New York
    I simply want the Fourth Estate to DO THEIR BLEEPING JOB AND REPORT THE FACTS, NOT PUT SPIN ON IT. I want reporters to give us the facts and let us make up our own minds. That is what I am faulting today's media on for the past four years.

    I am old enough to remember Nixon's winning the election in 1968. The media was appalled; they had been rooting for Humphrey and the Democrats. The talking heads, editors, and pundits were not happy, but they gave Nixon a chance to show what he could do, and even though they bitched at the way he was running the war (which included trying to extract the United States from it while preserving what the Japanese would call face), they did not start with the assumption he was a criminal.

    I'm also old enough to remember (and to have written about it online in a way that caused people to think, I've been told) Indecision 2000, and the raving of the Democrats and the media who alleged at the time (and continue to allege) that Bush the Younger stole the election with the connivance of the Supreme Court. But after the Supremes settled the election, once more the Fourth Estate, grumbling, gave Curious George a chance to show what he could do, even if they shortly started in on how Dubya was really nothing but a ventriloquist's dummy for the Poison Dwarf, Dick Cheney.

    The Fourth Estate practically orgasmed all over the front pages and their anchor desks when the Obamination won the election. A woefully inexperienced clown, with no significant political accomplishments to his name in all his time in politics, who did his damndest to hide all records of his life before January 20, 2009, who cannot even prove where he was born or that he did not forfeit his citizenship when he was adopted by an Indonesian in a country that does not accept the concept of dual citizenship. A man who presided over a second Great Depression in all but name. A traitor to the nation who handed a nation with whom the United States is at war in everything but name an airplane crammed full of $100 bills. I need not go on about Obama's crimes; all here know them. But the media acted, and continues to act, as the Democratic Party Ministry of Propaganda. The reporters, talking head, and pundits all found excuses to rationalize every criminal act Obama committed. They cut Obozo an incredible amount of slack, miles more than they would have given a white male Democrat, and light-years more than any Republican would have been given. According to the Mainstream Media, the Obamination could do no wrong.

    As a general rule, when a new President takes office, the Fourth Estate gives him a period of time to grow into the job and get some clue about what he has let himself in for. Trump never got that. He was tried, convicted and condemned as a criminal for daring to defeat the Anointed One, Sick Hillary Clinton, when it was her turn to be President. They started in on him on November 7, 2016. If you have a chance some time, see if you can track down the clip where Stephen Colbert, Democratic Partei Shill & Whore, had to announce that it was Trump and not the Anointed One who had won the election. He almost choked on it. He made it sound as if Trump had cheated somehow, that this was a nightmare, and can I please wake up now? And it went downhill from there.

    The media started out with the assumption Trump is a criminal and thus did not deserve to have any slack cut. They are supposed to be impartial. They have proven nothing of the sort. Even His Accidency James Earl Carter the Turd got a fairer break from the media when he proved unable to rescue the embassy personnel seized by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and the rescue attempt he tried to mount turned into a major clusterbleep because he did not know what he was doing and did not listen to those who did.

    I do not like Trump much. I had hopes for him that he has not even remotely approached in terms of restoring gun rights, lifting the Obozo Gun Embargo, passing a National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, compelling the release of everything the Obamination has so far successfully hushed up. I hoped he would deal with Obozo's gutting of the military, and that he would get the economy roaring along again. Instead, he had feathered his own nest and those of his friends, presented as a friend to Putin, been played by Fat Boy and the NKs as were Obozo, Curious George, and Slick Willy before him. The accomplishments he has achieved have been overshadowed by questionable things he has done, and things he should have done that have not been done.

    But he was not given anything even vaguely like an even break by the media, who surely seem controlled by the Democrats even though the conglomerates are owned by rich men you would expect to be conservative. It is significant that the duckspeakers openly question Trump's mental state and stop just short of alleging he has Alzheimer's, while none of the mainstream media outlets says word one about Clueless Joe's word soup, free association, and lack of focus that to me screams he is senile and unfit to hold office.

    I am concerned about both candidates this time out. I am sure Bidumb is unfit to hold office. But lately, I've begun to wonder about Donnie Boy as well.
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  15. mitchr

    mitchr G&G Evangelist

    It'll take a long time for the media to get their credibility back. Probably not in my lifetime.:(
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  16. FortyXDM

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    People may not believe what you say, but the Will believe what you DO.
    In fairness you must give the devil his dues. He hasn't done a number of things that would be on my list, but... has lifted this nation from a sh*thole to true prosperity. Do you want biden to lead us ??
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  17. Cyrano

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    New York
    Dear God, no! Clueless Joe was a waste of space when he was in the Senate, to the degree they gave him that nickname. He was associated with the Obamination for eight years. He is so bleeping stupid, that in February of 2016 when he was approached by Bobo the Clown with this offer --

    All you have to do is say that you will run, and that when you are elected you will carry on my work and listen to me when I advise you. Do that, I will get out and campaign for you. I will campaign like hell for you. I am laying the kingdoms of earth out before you. All you have to do is fall to your knees and worship me, and the Presidency will be yours ...

    -- and the stupid ba$tard turned him down.

    To review, in 2016 there was a major war going on in the Democratic Partei. Sick Hillary, who had bailed the DNC out of a massive financial hole provided they gave her the nomination, was facing a major challenge from Bernie the Nutbar and the lunatic Bernienauts who felt the Evil One had too much baggage to be elected and did not support their progressive platform.

    Obozo did not ring in on the controversy on either side. However, as the nominal head of the Partei he had tremendous influence and was immensely popular with the hardcore Jack-Off rank and file. If Clueless Joe had entered the race and the Obamination had then endorsed him and campaigned for him, Shrillary would have been dead in the water and Bernie would have been reduced to a noisy nuisance. The Dunce From Delaware would have gotten the nomination in a walk.

    I don't know if he could have beaten Donnie Boy or not, but I think he'd have made a better showing in the Electoral College than the Evil One did. I feel that was Mr. Senility's best chance to win the Presidency, and he turned it down.

    This time out, he's been hiding in his bunker spouting word soup and free associating. He's critical of Trump's performance in the coronavirus crisis -- hey, so am I -- but he is not offering any suggestions or ideas. Any fool can say, "If I was in charge, I could do better." Nothing in Bidumb's past indicates to me he actually could. Neither he nor Donnie Boy is a leader. In a case like this, I think we are better off with the devil we know than a devil who so far as I am concerned is a proven incompetent screw-up.

    I am so far beyond fed up with both of these elderly turkeys. We ought to be able to find better candidates than this! Or is it that the candidates who would be better are too smart to want the job?
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  18. mitchr

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