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    Went to a couple shows this past weekend. A gunshow In Fayetteville and a militaria show in Raleigh. And had a great time and made some purchases, odd parts and some WWII feild gear.
    1. Watch out for reproduction, there is alot of it being made now and it can be hard to tell the real from the reproduction. Most dealers will differentiate between the two but there are the rare few that dont.
    2. Misrepresentation of goods. Case in point. Was walking around the Militaria show and noticed a Garand on a dealers table so I stopped to look.
    The dealer stated that the rifle was a WWII vet bringback and said a veteran had carried it through the war and was all original. The rifle was an International Harvester serial #52XXXXX with almost blonde furniture. The receiver was post WWII produced in the 1950's . So I stated the production date of the rifle in referance to the serial# to the dealer . And his friendly manor towards me changed. No surprize there... The asking price was $1500.00. The price never changed and he still had it tagged as a WWII vet bringback the rest of the show. And I continued to receive nasty glares whenever I walked near. So be careful and do some homework, there are good deals and nice rifles out there you just have to watch out for that one bad apple. And when in doubt ask questions.
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    nice work man!!!there sure is alot of fraud at the shows, guess they figure on getting some newbie sucker to fall for their line. i would have stood there and tell everyone the hucksters a fraud!!! but thats me!!!

  3. Yes Sir, it happened to me 3 years ago when I was a newbie. Bought a 7,XXX,XXX serial number Garand with a 43 NM barrel. Should have been wearing safety glasses, got my eyes poked. Paid $425 for it. Probably $100-$125 too much. Had it rebarreled with a Douglas barrel. Seen the guy several months later, had some intense face time and tore him a new orifice. Can you say, "Shyster "?
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    HEY !! A 5.2 million IHC is a rare bird, its either a gap letter made by SA or a postage stamp made by HRA !!