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  1. Looking for an answer to my first attempt at fixing something on a FAL. Would appreciate any info from any body. Thanks in advance.
  2. Guess it might help if ya see this. Don't know what I am doing on some of these boards...

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    Viper Mike Golf;

    I am looking at my stock version of an L1A1 (original reciever) that has an unmodified HOD (holding open device) and the magazine pin sticks out 1/4". This holds open the breach block when I am using inch magazines. Metric cycle properly; however, the HOD does not engage. Looking at your pic, it looks like you have an L1A1. The Brits and the Australian both took that pin out of their HODs, I believe, so that the bad guys would not know when the rifle was empty. The Canadians never modified their HODs. I hope this helps.
  4. Don,
    I do have an L1A1. I just got a G1 kit in the mail, still washing my hands to get grease off. You are the only other person that has replied, and the toher man said 1/4 inch as well. I appreciate you taking the time to help me out. Thanks
  5. Sorry, I would have replied earlier, but I have been offline for a while.

    Remove the dustcover and bolt carrier from your rifle and insert a magazine. Looking down at the top of the magazine from the top of the receiver, the engagement pin must be long enough to reach over the anterior tab of the mag follower, but not long enough to touch the base of a cartridge when loaded in the mag. I don't have my rifle handy, but 1/4 inch (6.25 mm) sounds about right.