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Biblical "Prophecy" vs History

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by sunwheel29, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. sunwheel29

    sunwheel29 G&G Addict

    Seems like everytime somebody gets scared about the state of the world, a certain type of person starts running around yapping about "Biblical Prophecy."
    Thing is, "Biblical prophecy" is not what it is cracked up to be by modern televangelists and their followers.
    And there are great examples of that in the scriptures. For example, Jesus never returned in Paul's lifetime.

    But the televangelists and the holy roller types and the polyester clad, helmet haired wolves in sheeps' clothign that Jesus warned his followers about hedge their bets on the fact that most "true beleivers" will never sit down and read the entire Bible.
    Which is funny. The one Biblical prophecy that is 100 percent proven true is the one the Bible thumping crowd routinely ignores. The one where Jesus warned folks, "Beware for they will come to you as brothers but inwardly they are as ravening wolves."
    Swaggart, Baker, Roberts, Rev. Rod, et. all have done proven that was one prophecy that came true.
    These characters, who have a vested financial interest in leading the sheep astray are aided and abetted by modern Ministers who pick and choose stuff from the Bible and take it out of context to twist the meanings the way they choose to twist them.

    I was raised Baptist and imagine my chagrin to find out nearly every thing our minister told us when I was a kid was a bald faced gullywhopper!

    But back to Armageddon.....

    Every winter the History Channel and The National Geographic Channel show the same documentaries about Armageddon and the Anti-Christ.

    Scholars on these shows explain the actual history of those writings which were political in nature and were not meant to be prophecy at all....
    Apoccalyptic fiction is not about predicting the future. The authors of the books of Daniel and Revalation were talking about THINGS HAPPENING in their own time.
    Its just they could not talk OPENLY about the king Antiochus or the emporer Nero without being thrown in a dungeon and executed.
    So what they did was this- They wrote their grudges down and they wrote them as if they were talking about something in the far future, when in fact they were talking about what was the here and now at the time. Which was 70 A.D. for Revelation.

    What the typical person with a poor grasp on history doesn't quite understand is most of the stuff preachers and preists rail about did not even exist in Jesus time.
    That stuff came 300 years later and was invented when the Roman government decided to create an official state religion in 325 a.d. so that the cross-dressing emporer Constantine could declare there was one god, one church and he was the boss of it all.
    As part of this, he commissioned the first ever fifty Bibles in 327 a.d.
    Yup. The first Bible was printed in 327 A.D.
    A guy named Eusibias came up with a list of writings and they tacked some stuff from the Torah an the Pentatarch to it. And voted on what to leave in and what to put out.

    The Bible did not exist at the dawn of time like Rev. Grayson told me as a kid.
    It was created by men, not God. And those men were flunkies of a fratricidal cross dressing king at that!

    Only the words of God is the word of God. The Bible is a book full of myths and metaphors with a little dash of history, and much of that was revised and rewritten at the whims of priests and kings over the years.

    A lot of people get bent out of shape when you say that, but most of them
    •Never read the entire Bible from beginning to end.
    •Dont' realize it first appeared in 327 a.d.
    •Are not familiar with the actual history of the organized Religion form of Christianity.

    Before you bite my head off and accuse me of being a "tool of the debbil," let me ask you-
    "Why would God Almighty wait 300 years after Jesus days walking the earth ended and have a man in a dress order the first 50 Bibles to be produced?"

    Seems God could have given it to Moses to come down the mountain with, or Jesus could have written it Himself when He was walking the earth with the apostles.
    Think about that before going into Attack Mode.

    Something else to keep in mind.
    From 70-a.d. to the time when the Bible was assembled in 325 a.d. the population of Rome became more and more heavily Germanized to the point where much of the Roman army consisted of Germans. These people had a beleif in an end-times prophecy called "Ragnarok." Ragnarok was contained in a prophecy called "The Voluspa".
    In the voluspa it says their will be an age of iron and an age of the wolve when brother will kill brother and the forces of darkness will control the lands. Then the old gods will go to battle on the plains of Vigrid with the forces of Evil and they will basically wipe each other out and the world will be destroyed in the bargain.
    After it is over, Balder, the peaceful sun god will rule over a new heaven and new peaceful earth.
    Sound familiar?
    Remember, Ragnarok prophecy predates Judaism, let alone Christianity.

    When the Teutonic tribesmen converted to the new religion, they brought their old beleifs with them. When they read Revelation and Daniel, they beleived that it was a reference to the future like their own Voluspa (Ragnarok) was.

    Something else the televangelists don't tell you either.
    The Bible was constantly being rewritten and revised and changed over the centuries as church teachings changed. Originaly the term "anti-Christ" was a slander aimed at Gnostics.
    Later, when the Church invented the Devil and retrofitted him in where the Tempter and the Serpent existed previously, they changed that too in their teachings so the "Beast of the Appocalypse" (Nero) became "The Anti-Christ."

    There are a stack of books on this stuff I could recommend, but it's probably faster to just watch those documentaries this winter
    My grandmother used to think I was a whacked out heretic for saying such things, until she saw them on the television and started wondering about it all.

    When I was a small kid, I read the Bible and noticed that a lot of what we were taught as Baptists didn't jibe with what the scriptures said. I also noticed the scriptures contradict themselves.

    For example:

    Mark 14:62 - Jesus says to the cheif priests that they shall see him sitting on the right hand of power and coming in the clouds of heaven.
    Which is probably why so many pre-Catholic Christians beleived the world would end and Jesus would come back in their liftime. He didn't. Other examples include John 321:22-23; Romans 13:11; Corinthians 7-29-31; 10:11, 15:51-52, First Thessalonians 4:15-18, First Timothy 6:14, Second Timothy 4:1-3, James 5:8-9; Hebrews 1:1-2 and 8:13; Peter 1:20 4:7, 17 and Jude 17-23. This is also why one "apostle" claimed it was a waste of time to marry and have kids back then.
    Other inconsistencies include two seperate genealogies for Jesus - Matthew 1:1 and Luke 3:23. One lists 27 ancestors plus Jesus. The other totals 43. Only six names are common to both lists.
    John 5:37 admits god cannot be heard. But he speaks to Moses in Exodus 33:11.

    When I asked our pastor about it, you would have thought I sprouted horns and a tail and bat-wings....

    Many churches CLAIM the Bible is without error, but anybody who ever sat down and read it cover to cover will come across these contradictions and sich and then the questions start....

    Church teachings, doctrines and dogmas are all about those in power getting those without power to do their will.
    Notice they almost never talk about the stuff Jesus Himself said....

    Probably my favorite example of the chicanery of all of this is the Biblical dietary laws.
    Stop and think about it for a second. If God Allmighty didn't want you to eat shellfish, or pork, then wouldn't they both be instantly fatal like the Japanese blowfish?

    Stop and think about where this 'divine law' probably came from. The king and high priest owned cattle back in the bronze age, but could not sell them to the peasants, who ate pigs and chickens...
    So when "the Lord" declared such things were unclean, what happened? Beef sales went up and the Kings and Priests benefited.

    Considering all this, you can see now why I am a LOT more worried about the political manueverings of men, the underhanded dealings of the NAFTA crowd and the Bilderberg types and the global trade ghouls than I am the boogie man.
    When the world ends, it will end because of mankinds petty greed, stupidity and hatred. Not because of what prophets or seers claimed in the past...
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    What climbed up your butt?
  4. billy

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    the fundamentalists are gonna come out of the woodwork an start flippin out!
    this oughta be good!
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  6. TXplt

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    The only thing

    I really know is that when societies become selfish, and worship things instead of aspire to a higher calling (and being) they go into decline. This has happened throughout history. The "nanny state" and socialism foster this cancerous mentality by inhibiting the individuals' (and individual families) responsibility to themselves and others via government sponsored "procedural controls." Individual core values, basic God-given affirmed rights, and personal accountability are stomped by an intrusive state which exists only to further the power and resources of a few demagogues.

    You don't need to look very far to see this--our poorest enjoy orders of magnitude better standard of living than the "middle classes" of the 1800's. We live in a time of record technological advance, medical care, and comfort in our lifestyles. Our family homes are huge compared with typical 1930's homes, and are heated, air-conditioned, and have electricity. People don't routinely fall into vats of molten steel in their jobs, or work in the hellish mill conditions of the early 20th century. Most people own cars. Yet there is often widespread dissatisfaction, complaint, and strife.

    There are some things money can't (and shouldn't) buy. A socialistic government just makes all of this worse.

    Sometimes you just need to enjoy what you have.
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    politics + end of the world + vengeful god = internet bliss!
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    ^ enjoying this to much lol.
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    this will go for a long time and degenerate into name calling
    and us vs. them and then get closed.
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    lol thats why im not throwing my .02 in because I dont want to get into the mix....its more fun to watch lol
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    at least thats my prophesy......
    nyuk nyuk nyuk
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    O man, last thing you want to do here is go toe to toe with the uber-religious here. Trust me, it isn't worth it. They have God on their side, and you my friend are truly pissing up a rope.
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    I'll just shut up, though I admit it's killing
    Billy, cast thine hand forward and deliver us from the battle to come!
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    careful, if billy starts casting stuff, he'll endup changing his avatar
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    Sunwheel29, I think you may have just kicked over the beehive. The fundamentalists will want to give you to the Spanish Inquisition.
    However, there is a lot of facts in what you wrote. Even saying that may be enough for them to drag me to the Inquisitors along with you.
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    By the way, is that a Roy Thomas Conan pic as your avatar?

    - Coeloptera
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    I want to believe, too...mostly I want to believe in Billy's avatar.
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    it is a hit with the G&G boys thats for sure!
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    Billy did you evolve from a monkey,or were you beamed down here by ET?? :feedback:
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    Cartoon pics sure know how to turn the boys on! Can't imagine what they'd say if it were a real pic.
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